Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ten years ago today
Dennis' daughter Kim and her husband Ryan had their sweet little Emily.

When I had first started writing to Dennis, he told me his daughter Kim was expecting a baby any day. He said when she arrived he might need to go to Utah to help her. I thought it was odd that a Dad would be the caretaker. But I didn't know Dennis very well yet. Now it completely makes sense. When Emily was just 2 years old (was she less than 2...Kim do you know?) she was visiting here with her cousin Katelyn who was even younger. Katie kept touching the TV buttons and Emily was trying to "mother" her and get her to stop. She told her no, and then Emily said to Katie, "Look at me when I talk to you. I said no."
She was only 2 years old, saying that!

Emily with her beautiful Mom.
Cousin Jessica, Grandpa Dennis, and Emily


Dennis asked me to put this picture of Emily out every Memorial Day.
Instead, we have just kept it framed and in our family room since the day we received it.

Just as Dennis loves the picture above, I love this one below.
We keep this just inside our front door.
Emily and cousin Jessica hugging

Emily hugging her Uncle McKay when he came to see them recently.

Robbie, Ryan, Emily, Kim, and Matthew
Den and I so enjoyed Emily's 8 day visit to our home last summer along with her cousins, Jessica and Katelyn. We called her Mary Sunshine. She would wake up happy and go to bed happy. She has such a good nature to her. All 3 girls were so much fun to be with.

Emily reminds me lots of her Mom... the way she talks with her hands...the way she holds one arm by the elbow when she is listening. She is very social. I think she could fit in almost anywhere. We sure do love her very much and can't wait to see her again.

Happy 10th Birthday Emily!!!


Dad and Susan said...

These pictures are so vivid and darling. With parents like hers, it's easy to see why Emily is so good looking. She sounds like a perfect peach! Love, Dad and Susan
P.S. Her grandpa is very handsome also!

Lisa said...

What a beautiful family & EMILY looks just like Kim! She looks enchanted and so vibrant. I love family reflections & photos. Nice.

Kris said...

Happy birthday, Sweet Emily Ann! It was a dream come true for our family when her and her family moved closer to us. The girls are best friends and even more, they're practically sisters. We sure love her!

Anonymous said...

I love all these pictures. She is so cute. She looks like she has a great personality. I love that flag dress. Where can I get one? I think that picture of Grandpa looks a bit President Hinckley like. What do you think???

Anonymous said...

PS I forgot to say how impressed I am with you Jill and how you have totally expected all of your grandchildren. They are so lucky to have you in their live.

Dennis said...

Happy Birthday, Emily. We miss you all so much. You are such a cute and good girl. Of course, that guy in the funny hat is pretty good looking too...don't you think?

Love, Grandpa

Brock said...

Happy Happy Birthday Emily!!! If we lived closer Aunt Erin would take you to get your nails done! Have a wonderful day!

grandmapeg said...

These are all very cute pictures! Emily sure looks like her mom but I also see a lot of Ryan in her. You always make each of your children and grandchildren feel special with your tributes!

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

Happy Birthday Emily! It was really nice meeting you when you came to California to visit Grandpa and Grandma. My girls really had a great time playing with you. Hope you had a great day.

Kim said...

Thank you Jill! What a sweet tribute. Emily and I read this together tonight and she was on cloud 9. She saw that there were "8 comments" that had been written and she exclaimed, "Whoa! 8 comments for ME?!?" She couldn't wait to read what people said. :) Thank you for making her day extra special. :)


Jan said...

Happy 10 Emily. What a beautiful group of pictures. Lovely family. Emily sounds like a pure gem. So blessed.