Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday LAURYNN!!

Logan and Amy with Laurynn on her baptism day last year.

The first time I met this precious little girl, Laurynn, was about 4 years ago. She was so shy she would not even look at me. She would just bury her face into her mother's blouseSeveral months after that meeting, her mom Amy married my son Logan. Laurynn slowly began to feel comfortable with me.

Today is Laurynn's birthday!!!!
Let me tell you about her through my eyes:

She is very sensitive. Charming. Obedient. Wants to know just what the rules are and why, and she wants to follow them to the letter. Beautiful. When she is with me people invariably comment on her eyes, or how pretty she is. She loves babies and little animals.

She is a worrier, like her new grandma (me :) She pleaded with her mom to buy her some Purell so she could have her own little bottle to keep with her.
The first time I took care of her was about 3 years ago, when Laurynn was 5. I had her for most of the day. She told me straight out, that she did NOT like to be alone. I told her, no problem. Later on that day we went grocery shopping together, just her and I. I wanted to quickly buy a cookie for her in a small bakery by the grocery store. I never leave kids in the car alone, but this store's door was literally a few feet from my car and I could have a total view of her the entire 3 minutes I would be in that I asked her, "Laurynn, will you be okay in the car just long enough for me to go in and get you a cookie?" She looked at me with those big eyes like I was nuts and said, "Hello! I can't be alone."

Laurynn in her dance recital costume.

She is affectionate and loving. We love her hugs she gives whenever she sees us. One night when she slept over we watched a movie together about Jessica McClure, the little girl who got trapped in a well back in the 80s. She loved it and would not take her eyes off the screen, but she was curled up against me with her head on my shoulder.

Laurynn, Macie, and cousin Elora.
They all spent the night and then the next morning,
helped with a service project our church
was doing for our local farm workers.
Laurynn was so concerned about these farm workers,
that they did not have enough food to eat because of the freeze.
The girls very lovingly packed the boxes.

We missed the first 5 years of her life since I was not her grandma yet.
We hope we have many more memories together in the future.

We love you Laurynn.
Happy 9th Birthday!!!


grandmapeg said...

Laurynn looks so much like Amy! She has her eyes and her big smile. And yes...wanting the Purell certainly does sound like you! How fun all of these granddaughters must be for you!!

Dennis said...

Laurynn is a real sweetheart. She tends to be very quiet but when you get her started, she is lots of fun to talk to. She has an opinion on just about everything.


Love, Grandpa Shelley

Dad and Susan said...

This is such a sweet tribute. Amy has done an excellent job in raising her children. What a fortunate "marriage" for all the family that Amy came with these exceptional kids. Happy Birthday Laurynn! Love, Gramdpa and Susan

Lisa said...

I just love how much joy is in your life with these sweet, precious girls. You describe her so beautifully.

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

I love this tribute! I love all the tributes you do for my kids and everyone else. Your always thinking of others. Thanks to all who left comments. Thanks Dad for your comment about Laurynn, I read it to her and she had a big smile on her face. Thanks Susan for your sweet comments. I am so blessed to be in this wonderful family and to be married to the best guy in the entire world!!
Laurynn is such a sweetheart and Mom, you described her so well. She is always trying to do what is right.
Thanks, Amy

Brock said...

Laurynn's a cutied, no doubt about that. I enjoyed finding out more about her. I know Elora's loves her lots and always has a blast when she's around.

Kris said...

Happy Birthday, Laurynn! The girls sure loved meeting you this summer and I am looking forward to the day that I can! You are such a sweetheart. Hope you had a happy day.