Sunday, September 15, 2013

We just never know how life will turn out

Many years ago (30?) my first husband's parents, Niada and Bill,
were stranded in the hills of California in their motor home.
Another couple, Vern and Lani, about their age, spotted them and came to their rescue.
Must have been destiny because ever since then the two couples became the best of friends.

Then in April of 2011, my dear father in law passed away in Arizona.
On the very same day, Vern's wife Lani also suddenly died in California.

Niada and Vern were there for each other to comfort and support one another.
They get together often....she flies out to California, or he visits her in Arizona.

This week Vern drove Niada all the way to Portland so she could see her grandchildren,
McKay and Tyler, and their sweet wives and her great grand babies.

I just love this story.

McKay sent me a few pictures from their weekend together.

McKay, his Grandma Niada, and Vern

Grant and Great Grandma Niada

She also got to see her great grandbabies Scarlett and Leo!

They are visiting Tyler and Karen also, so If I should be so lucky to get more pictures, 
I will post them here.

Well what do you comes some more pictures.
Thank you Karen so much for sending them!

Leo looking up at his Great Grandma. 

Oh and there's Richie with Uncle McKay! 
(He loves "Kay" but I think he'd rather be playing with Grant right then.)


Kris said...

I love this story Jill!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a sweet story.

Anonymous said...

Those photos will be treasured.

Logan and Amy said...

I am so happy that Grandma was able to visit her grandkids and their beautiful wives and her great grandkids!! I know she was really looking forward to that. I love the pictures! I can't wait to see pics from Tyler and Karen and their kids :)

Grandma Honey said...

Amy~ I know, I'm also hoping Karen and Tyler have some pictures too. I wish you and Logan took some when you were up visiting both Grandma and Vern earlier this month. But you will have another chance in a few weeks :)

Rebecca said...

AWWWWWWWWWWW! This is just the sweetest thing ever. What a nice nice man to drive her all that way. AND I love the picture of Leo and his Great Grandma. Such sweet memories for them all. Oh I loved this post!

Scrapally said...

love everything about this post! what treasured memories!

Sue said...

Wonderful, and just as it should be in our lives. New friends become old friends...and all of us holding one another up.

Love it.