Saturday, October 15, 2011

Karen, Tyler and baby Richie take a little trip Logan, Utah to visit Dennis' kids.

Uncle Ryan (Kim's husband) with Richie!

And look at Richie with Matthew
I love Matthew's teeth. Den and I were just staring at them tonight.
He looks so grown up with his adult teeth!

And just about 2 weeks before their trip to Logan,
Kris and Mike and the kids were in Spanish Fork for a baby blessing so they stopped in to see them!
This family knows how to immediately go into a pose!

Kris, Mike, Jessica, Katelyn, Jacob, and Rachel!

And then about 2 weeks before that, Kim and Kris were in Provo for a quilting convention,
so they stopped in to see Karen and Tyler.
and also McKay and McKenna (baby Grant in the picture)

It's probably hard to keep all these visits straight.
What I'm really trying to say is,
I am so grateful that Den's kids and my kids, like each other!

Since our phones are turned off on Sundays, 
these pictures were on Den's phone for HOURS before we even knew. 
What a fun surprise to find them!
They were all taken in Karen and Tyler's apt 2 weeks ago.

Katie was made to have babies in her arms.
I think she will have several of her own someday.

Jessica was just TWO when Den and I were dating. And now she is holding my grandson!

Jacob will be a great Dad someday...can you tell?
He also really knows how to clean a kitchen floor. Did I ever thank you for that Jacob?

I won't say I'm jealous that Kris and Kim have seen Richie THREE times, 
because I am feeling more grateful than anything.


Sue said...

I love to see these photos of your family. Such neat kids!


Karen Mortensen said...

What a wonderful family you have. That is cool that they live so close to each other. Speaking of seeing the babies. When are they coming to Clovis?

the Rich girl said...

Jill, I can not wait for you to meet Richie! It's going to be so fun for everyone when you do get to see him!! (You have to let me take pictures/video of you two together. It's going to be the best!)

cristie said...

precious...every little bit of it. xox

Kris said...

The babies are beautiful!!!!! It was so enjoyable to hold an infant again. Our children were enthralled in it all!

Ry said...

Ritchie was a lot of fun and very likable! I'm glad we got to know each other and look forward to hanging out in the future! I think he's coming over to watch some Aggie games (he's a big USU fan) and also to play some xBox.