Saturday, January 1, 2011

Love and Character

It's what it's all about.

Dennis' daughter Kris shared this story with me:
 (This happened on the morning of Jacob's baptism.)

"...I was in the bathroom starting to get ready when Jacob went in and laid on our bed, just staring up at the ceiling. (Now a little bit of background before I tell you the next part....yesterday our coat rack fell on top of Rachel and gave her a pretty good bruiser. She's got a black eye and we had a very sad little girl.) OK, so back to my story. He was laying up staring at the ceiling when he said to me, "I've been thinking Mom." "Ya, Jacob? About what?" Then he said, "I just wish the coat rack would have hit me yesterday instead of Rachel. I hate seeing her hurt." I was so completely touched by that this morning and it was a perfect way for me to remember what a special little boy he is"

 You can sort of see Rachel's black eye. Poor baby.

Now on to Jacob's very special day...his baptism!

And I can hardly wait till this man comes home to me...TODAY!
Stay tuned...he has something to share in a day or two. Something he did not want to learn.
(But all is fine. It's just a learning experience he wants to share. At least I hope he wants to share.)


Karen Mortensen said...

What sweet and wonderful children Kris has. I love that picture of Rachel looking at that picture. So precious.
I am a little nervous about what Dennis learned. I hope everything is okay.

Grandma Honey said...

He's fine. No worries. Just wants to pass along something that he learned the hard way.

grandmapeg said...

What a nice brother Jacob is!! Congratulations on his baptism! I like that picture also of Rachel looking at that picture. So, so sweet! I'm curious too about what Dennis learned.

Robin said...

I have missed blogging and can't wait to get my computer back in order to do that !! I love the story of your Grandson!! thanks for sharing, it gives me hope for our future !!

Eileen said...

Such beautiful children. And such a beautiful heart Jacob has! What a treasured memory for Kris to keepsake!

Thanks for sharing this, Jill. These are the stories that renew one's faith in human nature and life in general.
What a beautiful story to start the New Year on!

'Hope everything is alright with Dennis. I'm anxious to read his story.

Love and Prayers,

Dad and Susan said...

What a sweet boy Jacob is. We were very impressed. It's so nice that Dennis gets to be there for these special occassions. It's also good to be missed so he has satisfaction on both sides of the story. Love, Dad and Susan

Donna said...

wonderful family......nothing like it. Sorry to hear Dennis learned something the hard way....I personally hate that process, I seem to do it all the time

Rebecca said...

What sweet children! And I am very curious what Dennis has to say!

Sue said...

Can't wait to hear from your hubby.

Also, I LOVE what Jacob said about his sister. That is definitely out of the ordinary for a boy his age, and I think he is going to be a really good husband and father one day.


Kris said...

Oh, you're so sweet to post this Jill. Doesn't he look like a little mini missionary??? What a great day it was and a wonderful way to end the year!

Lisa said...

WOW...those are some seriously CUTE KIDS! I love Kim & Kris's SMILE! They just BEAM when they smile, ya know what i mean? They are also married to very nice looking men! Of're truly married to ONE of the FINEST in all the world! Glad you guys ARE back together! ENJOY this NEW YEAR you two! Nothing like a baptism of a wonderful grandchild to put the spirit of renewal into our hearts & mind.