Thursday, December 23, 2010

The easiest way ever to open a pomegranate

Incredible. Who would have thought!
Go here and watch how Martha does this. 

(I haven't tried this yet, but we can trust Martha, right?) 

I give credit to THIS BLOG. Thank you Lindsay!


Richard said...

I can tell you what this says without watching the's let Dennis gently caress the pomegranate and it will fall into two even pieces without any stain or trouble...right? He's my hero too.

Karen Mortensen said...

That is wonderful. I want one now. I love them.

Sue said...

I really love pomegranates, and I am super glad to know this!


Dad and Susan said...

We just learned the way Kris and Kim taught and now there's a better one?! Awesome. Dad and Susan

cristie said...

ok...this is THE best food trick of the year! xox

Chris and Cortney Walker said...

We totally do this! Every year for CHristmas and Thanksgiving We have an apple Pom. Salad and do this! It works Great!!!