Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The family who lives in a hospital

This family has never been home for Christmas.
They spend Christmas each year in the hospital with their little girl.
As well as every weekend. And every Tuesday.
As I understand it, little Piper has never been home. 
The hospital is her home.
Piper's mom is amazingly upbeat and happy.
Reading her blog every day is a sweet and humbling experience for me.

Perhaps you read it, too. Many do.
If not, you can find it at


Eileen said...

Such a beautiful family!
And this really puts things in perspective.

Our youngest daughter Ellie works in St. Mary's Hospital for children and many of the children live there too. She said that some of them are 'out patients' and they come to 'school' at the hospital by bus, but they have to travel with their own nurses.

My daughter said it is amazing and inspirational to see how Blessed many of these parents feel.

Thanks for posting the link. I will go there now.
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ I was able to view the Nativity video ~ beautiful!

grandmapeg said...

This story is so touching and very humbling! Thanks for posting about it.

Sue said...

This is really an uplifting story. I had not been aware of the family before, but I will visit again.


Karen Mortensen said...

What a sweet heart she is.
How come she has to live at the hospital? It is too bad they couldn't set something up so they could have her at home.

Susan Rozier said...

I had almost an hour of "lost myself in time" by reading Reagan's blogs as well as her husband's. Remarkable. Thanks for sharing. Love, Susan