Monday, December 13, 2010

A hungry but honest boy

Ever had an experience where something happens that seems so insignificant that you hardly notice it? And then later you find yourself thinking about it, like it just stays on your mind? 

Case in point: Chandler, our grandson. About a week or so ago, we heard him say to his mother at the dinner table, "Mom, I've had 3 rolls, can I have another one?"

Most kids would leave out the part about already having 3 rolls.

 Not the best picture, but this was taken just as he was finishing his 4th roll. 
Chandler is on the far left, or part of him is.

 Good kid he is! 
They all are, but this post is about him.
Chandler, Logan, Jonas, Austin


Dad and Susan said...

Amy once again proves she's an amazing mother to have such polite children! What an awesome picture of Logan and the boys! Love, Dad and Susan

Natalie said...

This reminds me of my Taylor. He barely makes a move without asking for permission and making sure I know exactly what I'm agreeing to, and it is very endearing. Very honest, like your grandson. He's darling.

Eileen said...

You know, I've never thought about that, but Jayden does the same thing. Even when it's candy he's talking about he'll ask, "Umma, I already had two Hershey Kisses, can I please have another one?" And when I say yes, he reminds me again that he's already had two!

LOVE the photos! Sweet post, Jill. You always make me appreciate the little, everyday things, that are really not-so-little and not-so-everyday when you think about it, and I shouldn't take them for granted.
Thank you!
Love and Prayers,

Sue said...

I love that. It shows he's thinking about what's right and wanting to do it.

What a great story.


grandmapeg said...

That is so sweet and polite of Chandler. What a handsome bunch of boys!!

Lisa said...

Love those handsome men! Nice post!