Saturday, November 20, 2010

These aren't my relatives

But I think they're interesting.

For example,
On Oct. 10, 1929 these 3 SISTERS married these 3 BROTHERS!
Katherine, Suzie, and Nellie married Bergen, Henry, and Dave

In 1957 these 5 SISTERS are all RNs. 
(not all the same year, but by 1957 this is what they all looked like)

This family in 1939, makes me smile. 
There's just something about them...
The Mom couldn't have been that old, but she looks more like the Grandma. 

The parents, Clara and George.
(LOVE the parents' names!)
The kids are Gordon, James, Dorrance, and Joanne.
It was noted that money was very scarce that year,
but the parents saw the importance of having his family portrait in Bloomsburg, Pennysylvania.

This next one is my favorite.
A snapshot of a little family on Thanksgiving 1940. (The Dad was taking the picture.)

Parents: Ida and Peter Kamm with daughters: Frances, Shirley in the high chair, and Peggie.
Northford, Connecticut

I wish I knew what happened to all of these people, especially the little family above.

Thanks to this month's issue of Reminisce Magazine.


Robin said...

I love these old pictures and I buy old magazines sometimes for the pictures like these. They remind me of my growing up. I like these pictures better tho because they are what a real family looked like. Thanks for sharing these pictures, they might be a good starting point for a story...

C Dawn's bucket said...

The first picture made me smile. My great-grandmother and her sister married brothers. I always thought that was so neat.


Dad and Susan said...

Some of these people look very much like the people in the old pictures of my family!

The one of the family where the mom looked like the grandma certainly didn't seem like they were poor with all their nice clothes. Now days it wouldn't be cheap to have your boys all in suits.

Enjoyable look into the past. You and your varied interests are amazing.

Love, Dad and Susan

Grandma Honey said...

Susan~ Good point I hadn't thought of about that "poor" family in I am wondering, right, how did they afford all the nice clothing? Nowadays I don't relate how a person dresses to how much money they have...because with credit cards people can basically live how they want least for a while. But back then people lived off what they had.

Cynthia~ That would be very interesting since you would have some "double" relatives.

Robin~ I'm with you. I'm very attracted to old pictures, even if I have no connection to them.

darlene said...

The people in the first photo must have an uncomplicated guest list for their holiday gatherings.

Karen Mortensen said...

I love these old pictures. So cool. I too wish they would have told what happened to everyone.

Tom's dad's 2 brothers married sisters. Don't think it was on the same day though.

melanie said...

My favorite picture is the bottom one, of the family on thanksgiving. I just love that expression on the moms face. Thankful, serene, looking at her little son (daughter?) with such love, being so happy. I think all of us can relate to that mom.
Melanie Segalla

Kris said...

Those are some really great pictures! I am really drawn to things like that. It reminds me that everything has a story. I'd sure love to know what each of theirs is! As you know, we've been down in Mesquite this week going through grandma's pictures. We've cried a lot as well as laughed. I have a few pictures I plan on doing a little more research on because I just want to know the story, circumstances, and the people behind them.