Thursday, November 11, 2010

Look who was here

Can you guess who spent the morning here?

Yet, they look so harmless.
 And so little

"Come on Sissy, let's go see the lemon tree!"

"Oh what's that lipstick on Buddy's face?
Looks like Grandma Honey's been there."

Hard to believe the twins will be 19 months old tomorrow!


Karen Mortensen said...

They are so cute. They didn't make too big of a mess. I love the pictures at the lemon tree and Tea's pants.

Dad and Susan said...

So so cute! This really gave us smiles! Love it! Dad and Susan

Ammy said...

I love that they know the signs...I was really good at teaching Hannah signs but Josey, not so much...their little hands look so cute signing for more.

Scrapally said...

Do you remember when our kids were little we wanted all that stuff picked up? I find when my grandbaby is over I don't mind the messes at all! In fact, I left his little fingerprints on the glass door for the longest time becuase I just loved having him over. they are so cute and sweet and their sign language is great! My grandson used those signs too. Love the grandma kiss...gotta get me some bright lipstick before my grandkids get here! :)

grandmapeg said...

Jonas and Téa are growing up so fast!! It is hard to believe that they are already 19 months old!! They are just so cute and they sure look like they had fun at your house. I never knew you had a lemon tree!! That's fun!

cristie said...

fun to see lemons on trees. even though i'm a grammy the mess for too long still gets to me. xox

Heather said...

I pulled up your blog this morning and Nathan immediately spotted the video of the twins and asked "Please may I watch this?" :-) They are so darling and good for Amy, teaching them signs! I intended to do this for Nathan, but was never consistent enough. Maybe I should try with Hannah... They are darling, even with the destruction they leave in their wake, haha.

Lisa said...


Sue said...

They are really growing up fast. And they look like so much fun!!


darlene said...

How many signs do they know?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable children!! The mess is sure worth the fun and memories. Makes me want to come play, too! Great photography, especially the one at the window. Your home is lovely...I like the hardwood flooring. (Not one dust bunny either)
I've never seen a lemon tree in someone's yard. Please show us more of your yard.

pj in MI

Krista Gage said...

Jill, stop blaming those sweet innocent babies for the messy house! You're not fooling anybody anyways. ;-)

Eileen said...

Oh, such a happy mess, Jill!
God Bless!

It's been a joy watching the twins these past nineteen months! And the time has just flown by!
Beautiful video and photos, thanks so much for sharing them!

And Ray got me started on 'google' a few years ago! I research EVERYTHING there now!

Love and Prayers,
PS ~ I love your Thanksgiving table decor! And I love it even more that it is among sippy cups and remnants of a meal enjoyed!

McKenna Heasley said...

I love that they can sign! I always tell McKay I want to be a Mom just like Amy. I love seeing how much her kids love her!