Friday, November 5, 2010

Do you want to come with us?

You know how some people will go on a trip and take their blogging supplies with them (laptop, camera, cords, etc)? Then they will blog along the way sharing their trip with everyone. I love it when blogs do this, and I've always wanted to, but I'm not exactly a traveler. We go on little trips here and there (which are always a big deal to me!) but rarely do we take what others would consider an exciting adventure.

This weekend we are going to Bakersfield for a birthday party and I suggested to Dennis that since we are going there anyway, why not just make a weekend of it. His response was: "A whole weekend in Bakersfield??!" I said, "Sure. Look at it this way. We always have a good time together no matter where we are, so why not have a good time in Bakersfield?" My ever adorable husband's response: "Sure, okay, let's do it. I'll book the hotel for 2 nights."

Now before I go on, for those of you who live in Bakersfield, let me explain my husband's reaction. It's not that he does not like that city. It's just that it is only 2 hours away, and it is so similar to Fresno, that to some it would feel like staying home.

But not to me.

The truth is I get very excited about these little trips we take. I can hardly wait. I don't think I could admit this even a decade ago.

So if you think I'm nuts, then you may not want to read my blog for the next few days. Because it's going to be about our little vacay to Bakersfield. 

We even got a house sitter.


Sue said...

I hope you have a great time and will look forward to the travelog.


Natalie said...

Great! I've never been there, so I'll enjoy it=) Have a great time and I can't wait to read all about it. You really do have a great husband=)

Grandma Honey said...

Sue and Natalie~ THANK YOU. Really. I was thinking no one would want to "come along".

Dad and Susan said...

Be sure to go to the Bus/Train station so you can see the ROUND FOUNTAIN that Dave Shepard installed. It is really something to see. I mean, since you're going to be there anyway....
Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

The sign doesn't leave any doubt where you are! I have to say that I love big signs like this. I've never been to Bakersfield so this will be I'm there. Have fun and I'll look forward to getting to know Bakersfield.

Scrapally said...

I will love coming along as well...sounds fun! You make everything fun...even Bakersfield. :)

darlene said...

All the way to Bakersfield, huh? You sure live dangerously!
Looks like a pretty time of year to visit. It's often fairly smoggy, as I recall.
Have fun!

Elder Richards said...

Remind Dennis for us that both Don and I are from Bakersfield. In fact I am going next week, darn I will just miss you. Bakersfield sure has changed since Don and I lived there but all our family is there so when we visit we know just what to do, and can see everyone. Word to the wise the train station is not a very safe place to be. My Mother in law refers to the people as hobos. But years ago we would drive by there to see people jump on trains and ride them on the bottom.
PS we have had 22 churches pray for us and offer money to help re-build! Such sweet people. SLC called our house the other day to ask if we have heard any leads with the High School kids. Don teaches seminary to all four years and they are hoping someone at school brags but no such luck. We are rebuilding a whole new building and they say it will be done in 9 months. HAH! Maybe.... but I will increase my tithing if that happens... see how sure I am that wont happen :) It will cost 5 million to rebuild. Very sad but our community and all of us are better people so it is worth every penny!

Grandma Honey said...

Den just told me that he remembered that you are from Bakersfield. So do you know if there are any antique stores here, or good places to eat?

I'm surprised they still have no leads on who burned down your church!

If we go to the train station we will go in the daylight and be very careful. Thanks for the warning. I do want to see the fountain my brother in law made. Or second thought, maybe I can just find a pic on google of it.

Elder Richards said...

Off of Truxton/ Oak and that side of town is where you can find all the places to eat. The west side of town is where the new part of Bakersfield is and places to eat and shop. Corner of Oak and Truxton is Mimi's, Marie Calendars. A Prime Rib place.. Look up Dewars Ice Cream it is a must stop! 1120 Eye Street, Bakersfield - (661) 322-0933 Great Ice Cream and homemade taffy chews. By the look of you hotel it looks like you are on that side of town. Mexicali is a local owned Mexican Food and been around for years. Stockdale Highway has some Antique stores and there are some by the train station.
I am not sure why my comments come up as Elder Richards... odd Have fun!