Sunday, November 7, 2010

Before driving back home today

Den looked online and found us a near by ward to attend this morning.

 This ward seemed a little too excited that we were there.
After we found a place to sit I whispered to Dennis,
"Everyone is staring at us. Haven't they ever seen a guest before?"
To which he whispered back, 'They figure no one ever comes to Bakersfield."
Then he suggested, "In Sunday School you should just introduce yourself as a guest blogger." 
He keeps me laughing (quietly)

As we all sang the opening hymn, 
I looked around and saw so many busy, happy families...
singing, "Let us Oft Speak Kind Words" and then I was fighting the tears. 
This happens to me nearly every Sunday morning during the opening hymn. 
I was this way as young Mom, but I'm even worse as a  Grandma.

I watched one young mom pass over to another woman a small tupperware bowl. 
I watched another young mom take a long tie out of her purse and go through all the steps of putting it on her young son, while singing along with the rest of us. 
Little twins were toddling from family to family always finding outstretched arms.

What a glorious place to be. I felt so at home.

Now that I'm a grandma, I have time to think what great significance there is in attending church as a family.

I told Den on the way home that I think one of the reasons I love visiting wards where I don't know anyone...It gives me the ability to step out of the frame more and see the picture a bit more clearly. It broadens my appreciation of the fact that I use to be one of those young moms surrounded by children. 
Sometimes just trying to get through another Sacrament meeting. 
Sometimes not truly appreciating the greatness of these moments.

I did get a picture of the toddling twins. I didn't mean to cut their Mom's head off.
This is Maggie Kate and Sophie Rose.

About an hour into our ride home today, Den got a call from the hotel asking if I was missing my wedding rings. OH NO. How could I have left them behind? I checked our room over and over again before we left. So I took the phone from Den and thanked the hotel clerk profusely for her honesty. She said she would FED EX my rings tomorrow. I hope. I hope.


Sue said...

I loved reading about your experience and thoughts going to this ward. I could relate!

And I am so glad an honest person found your rings. Kind of restores your faith in people!

(I bet you can't wait to get them into your hands...or I should say, on your finger!)


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Oh Jill, thanks again for coming to Bakersfield and for the photo of Romeo and Leonie. I wish I had known you were staying over you could have come for breakfast. I'm glad you and Den enjoyed you visit. I'm looking forward to getting together after the holidays!

Sharon said...

Great post to read this morning! Thanks for helping us see what's is so important in life - Family!

Richard said...

I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but that building you attended was your home Ward...the members were likely staring and thinking, "why are the Shelleys acting like visitors?"

James and Kresta said...

I'm glad you found a ward to go to in Bakersfield... that's actually my in-laws ward. James' grew up with a lot of people in that ward. Small world.

Richard said...

You washed the dishes in your hotel room?! Are we even related?

Grandma Honey said...

Kresta~ Well James must have loved growing up in that ward because those were the friendliest people ever! They treated us like celebrities.

Richard~ You must not watch 20/20. Those dishes could have been dirty ones that were just wiped off and put back on the shelf.

Sue~ That's right, I will feel so much better to have those rings back on my finger, and not in transit somewhere.

Eileen said...

Oh, Jill, I'm so happy for you that you got your rings! Good comes to good.

I never take my rings off for fear that I will leave them somewhere. I do the same now with bracelets too, if I take them off they are lost, so I just live with them on twenty-four/seven.

Beautiful post, and it's funny because I was thinking the same thing at Mass yesterday morning, watching a young mother try to quiet a toddler (the Mom whispered "Be very quiet" and the little girl said "But I don't want to be very quiet!"), and she had two other little girls with her too, and she kept trying to help them keep their place in the prayer books. So sweet.
Glad you had such a nice weekend!
Love and Prayers,

grandmapeg said...

I'm glad your trip was a fun one! I love to see "families" at church and I find myself often now missing those days when our children were young. I'm so glad you got your rings back!!! I still think about my wedding rings that got lost...never to be found. Thanks for sharing your trip!

Karen Mortensen said...

What nice thoughts and memories of your trip. Kind of makes me want to go to Bakersfield.