Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Have you heard of this being done?

I walked out of this place last week, stunned.
I was looking for a blouse to wear to the Mcs Open House last Saturday night.  
I found 2 that I liked but I couldn't decide which one would go best with the skirt I had at home.

So I brought them both up to the counter and asked,  "What is your return policy?"
The clerk looked up from her conversation about Celine Dion expecting twins 
(I didn't know that!....but that is not the stunned part) 
and said to me,  "We never give cash refunds, only exchanges."  
Oh, well, I guess that figures, I thought to myself.  
This isn't exactly Target.

"Or," the clerk then says to me,  "Would you like to try our in home trial?"  
"Uh, what is that?"  I asked.
"You can take the clothes home, and try them on.  
Then if you don't like them, just bring the items back to the store.  
If you do like them, just come back in and pay for what you want to keep."  

To me, I'm thinking, wouldn't it be safer for them to let me pay for these items 
and then refund my money when I return the clothes?  

So I told the clerk that I couldn't come back that same day and she said,  "Oh that's fine.  How's tomorrow?"  
Then she just has me write down my phone number, and that's it!....
and I walk out of the store with the 2 blouses, not even in a bag. 

I felt so strange walking out to my car with the 2 bagless blouses.  Did I hear that right??

Next day Dennis brought back one, and paid for the other.  
They didn't even ask for our phone number but he insisted they look for that little paper I had written it on.  

And to think I have lived less than a mile from this store for the past 20 years 
and this was my first purchase from them!

Have you ever heard of customer service like this?


Richard said...

Yes. Wendy offers the same type of deal with most of the meals she cooks...

grandmapeg said...

I've never heard of any store doing that. They are very trusting and I'm sure they have a lot of return customers. I'm sure you'll go back :-) This sort of reminds me how the car dealerships used to let people test drive cars by taking them home for a few hours. You don't see that anymore though. On another note...I think we're all waiting anxiously to see pictures of the Mcs' open house!!!

grandmapeg said...

P.S. I love the gray background on your blog and now that McKay is married, when will you update his picture on the side bar to include his beautiful bride?????

Rebecca said...

Wow that is amazing! That is good to hear that someone out there has trust in this world! I too am anxiously awaiting the wedding pictures....

the Rich girl said...

Eek. I don't think I'm responsible enough for that store. I'm terrible at returning things in a timely manner. I have to either return them right away, or not borrow them at all. Otherwise, I won't return something until I'm penalized for it.

But it's really neat that the store is so trusting.

Jill said...

I have that problem too, Karen. But I knew all I had to do was mention it to Den and he would take care of it for me...and he did.

darlene said...

I keep commenting and it's not registering.

Jill said...

I was having trouble with that too, but it seems to be working fine now. I guess google has glitches every now and then. :(

Karen Mortensen said...

I have never heard of this but then of course they don't have such services at the Salvation Army.

Princess Fluffybuns said...

Stores like Saks 5th Avenue, Barneys, Nordstroms, etc. will do this for you as well. If you open an account with them you can just take all the clothes home and then return the ones you don't want and pay for what you keep.

Lisa said...

That is WEIRD. Where's thi place? In Old Town?

Eileen said...

Oh, this would be me new favorite store, Jill!
I think that's wonderful! What a nice personal touch!

Sue said...

Never! That is crazy!!