Elora's take on the California election

When I arrived to pick Elora up from school last Wednesday,
I couldn't figure out why she was taking so long to come out.
So I went inside and found it empty except for Elora helping a classmate 
whose backpack contents had spilled out.
I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but Elora's face was RED...
I think from the weight of her own backpack, and from leaning down to help her friend.
Elora is so much like her Mom!

 Poor girl had the entire contents of her desk to bring home.
We had to get help to get it all out to my car!

That afternoon we finished watching Pollyanna.  
My very favorite movie as a child.  
I always had dreams of sharing it with my own little girl.  
I had to wait about 50 few years for that, but finally it happened!  

My favorite line is at the end when Reverend Ford says to Pollyanna,
"We looked for the good in them, and we found it, didn't we?"

Makes me cry every time.

After she left I found this paper she had written.   
"Meg Whitman can be a good governor or she can be a dud.
Steve Poizner might not be the best person, 
but at least we will have a governor."

I've never known a 7 year old to even care about politics.  
But I can see she is trying to figure this all out.  
Good luck with that Elora!  :)


Dad and Susan said…
So So cute. Yes, kindness is Erin and it looks like Elora is taking after her. Interesting take on the governor's race, for an adult. Who is this child?! Love, Dad and Susan
Miranda said…
Arden and I watch Pollyanna together too. It is one of my favorites!!
Jill Shelley said…
I'm so glad to hear that Miranda. I just love it! It's hard for me to picture Arden being old enough to watch a movie like that...I still picture her as she left here.
Eileen said…
Pollyanna was always one of my favorites too! So nice that you could enjoy it with Elora!

And interested in politics already! Wow!
Hopefully by the time she's old enough to vote politics will have changed for the better! And politicians will actually say what they mean and mean what they say! (Well, I can dream, can't I?).

So sweet of Elora to help her classmate, she's got a generous nature.
All the best,
Karen Mortensen said…
That Elora is something. It is amazing that she knows what is going on.

I love Pollyanna. One of my favorties.
Rebecca said…
Ohhhhh I LOVE Pollyanna! It is one of my very favorites!!!!!
Lisa said…
I'm a Shirley Temple gal myself. But even with girls, they shrug & look away in disgust. : )

ELORA is showing signs of a LEADER. Watch out! I think it was Jacki's 2nd grade class when her teacher asked the class to write about their favorite movie. She wrote all about the "Dead Poet Society." Every single time i see that teacher she reminds me & then asks if Jacki ever made it into an Ivy League school Not quite, but close. : )
darlene said…
For some reason I can't see the right side of every picture on your blog. Does anyone else have that problem, or is it just me?
Jill Shelley said…
I would be curious to know!
Susan Anderson said…
Sounds like Elora and I share the same angst about our gubernatorial candidates.

I love that girl!