Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank you Logan

We couldn't figure out why Cami would not put her left foot down on Saturday.
She refused to walk.We had looked her foot over and could find nothing wrong with it.
Suddenly Logan surprised us with a visit.
Cami was so happy to see him.
Then we told him about her foot.

Nurse Logan looked it over and then said, "Well I see what's wrong. She has 2 splinters." So he did a little "surgery" on her out by the pool where the lighting was good.

She was feeling so much better. Still not walking much but at least we know she is on the mend.
Thank you Uncle Logan.More about our weekend later. Karen and Tyler drove 12 hours from Provo to be with us for 5 days. We are so enjoying having lots of family time.


grandmapeg said...

It's great to have a nurse in the family!!!! I wished we did. I'm glad it was just some splinters, but I know how painful those things can be. Cute, cute pictures of Cami :-) I'm looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about the newlyweds visit with you guys. Thanks for sharing!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Good for Logan. I am glad he found the problem. It is so hard when kids can't tell you what is wrong.

Can't wait to see and hear about Tyler and Karen's visit.

Eileen said...

Oh, poor Cami! So glad Logan was able to help!
She looks adorable in every picture!

Glad also to hear that you are enjoying a nice visit with family!
All the best,

PS ~ Before I forget, did the red rocks in the garden help the tomatoes?

Mary said...

I'm glad you're having time with family. I dread the day when my kids start moving away!

Rebecca said...

oh poor little thing. Those splinters hurt, no wonder she was not using that foot.

Sue said...

Glad the "surgery" was successful. She is a cutie.


Logan and Amy Heasley said...

the tomatoes are doing great

Eileen said...

A surgeon and a farmer!! Wow!!
Is there anything Logan can't do?

Beautiful family! I really enjoy reading about you all!
All the best,

Lisa said...

YAY for Logan & Cami!!!

YAY for you! Sounds like a great week already! ENJOY.

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, We've missed these blogs! Tried to comment yesterday and it was one of those block-out times. Arg! Love hearing about family and the pictures are so darling. It's so nice to be back in town. Love, Dad and Susan