Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Foot tendonitis

After the funeral yesterday, and going home to change clothes, this is where I went.

My foot was getting worse and I could hardly walk.
Ever since Saturday when I hurt it pinning that quilt together for our church service project, it just kept swelling and hurting more.
I just felt if I ignored it and kept moving it would go away.
I was wrong.

The bony old looking foot is the good one.
I was given crutches and told to stay off my foot. The doctor said I pulled some tendons and "it may take longer than a week to feel better."

I am not having good luck with the crutches. They make me put all my weight on my other foot which before Saturday was my bad foot.

I don't have pain as long as I don't try to walk. I know it could be so much worse so I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining. It's not like I have any little children to watch. I have no big children here either.

And as usual guess who was by my side yesterday...He left this morning to drive to LA to pick up his 82 year old mother. She will be staying with us until Saturday. I hope Den enjoys taking care of us both. Good thing he was thinking of taking the week off anyway.

Has anyone who is reading this had a pulled tendon in your foot? How long does it take to recover? Any advice?


Rebecca said...

Oh no! I am sorry for your foot, I hope you have a quick recovery!!

grandmapeg said...

Dennis has his job cut out for him this week taking care of his women! That is too bad that you aren't able to walk much. My tendonitis in my left foot has never gotten that bad where there is swelling. Try to take it easy and hopefully it will be less than a week before it is feeling better. On the positive side of things...it's always nice to see a picture of you on your postings. Thanks!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Love this. You are way braver than me about taking pictures. I wanted to take pictures of the mammagram machine yeaterday but was to chicken. I was afraid I would get in trouble. Anyway, I am glad you went to the doctor and hope you are on the mend soon. Just keep your foot up and relax.

Jill said...

Karen, I wasn't exactly brave. I was just bored sitting there waiting for the dr to come in so I just started taking pictures.

Lisa said...

What a weird thing to have happened to you! Dennis is the BESTEST! I just love everything about him. I'm sorry you have to stay off your feet since we all know how you like to keep busy. On the bright side...you can blog & read to your hearts content as long as you keep your feet up, right?

There's gotta be something great to do with your time while sitting around.

Mary said...

Doctor's offices look the same everywhere, don't they? You are so blessed to have a treasure like Dennis. I hope you're "back on your feet" (literally) soon!

Karen, before blogging I used to be nervous about taking pictures that might "disturb" someone, but now I've gotten good at asking or informing.

For instance, when I was curtained off in the emergency room, I informed the nurse so I wouldn't scare anyone with the flashes. And I asked permission in a little shop once because I didn't want the owner to think I was stealing his artsy ideas. Once he knew it was for my blog, he just figured, hey, free publicity.

I'm always amazed at how many people are flattered to be in a total stranger's blog!

Mar~ said...

Sorry to hear about your foot. Glad you have Dennis, he seems like such a jewel. I have to comment on your nicely painted toenails though, ready for a photo op.

Kim said...

I'm sorry to hear about your foot Jill! I hope you are feeling better.

And oh, I love my dad. Good, good man. :)