Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where time stands still

There IS one place on earth where time really does stand still.
It's Family Camp in Dinky Creek, California.

I have pictures to prove it...thanks to Susan and Amy.

So they were taken this month. But they would have looked the same if they had been taken in the 1960s, when we first started going.

"The Barracks" where most of the families slept.
Unless your family was really big, then you got one of the 3 private cabins.

Families were only separated by these curtains. I could never sleep there now.

The kitchen. Those look like the same trays we used back in the 1960s.
The eating area. It did get this roof in the 70s I think, but other than that it is the same.

The showers. Yep, they're the same.

The campfire.
And campfire 2, which always had this "stage" so we could perform skits.

We would save our money all year long so we could buy candy at this store, just down the hill from camp. The door probably squeaks just the same as it did. On second thought, this store does look really good...Has this been updated? I don't remember those 2 potted plants being there.
I have not been back since 1980, when this picture was taken.
I'm holding my son Logan who is now 30.

Amy just sent me some more pictures that I will post later on. Even a picture proving Brock and Elora were there last week, too.
Then that will be it for another year.


Richard said...

You've done a beautiful job a selling a facility that would not pass Geneva Convention minimums for POW camps.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I loved seeing all those pictures. I love that little store too. For some strange reason, it does look like fun.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Richard totally cracks me up.

grandmapeg said...

This camp reminds me of my first Beehive Camp that I went to. That was fun back then but I'm with you, I don't know that I could sleep with just curtains dividing the families. It sure makes for fun memories. By the way, Logan isn't the only one that looks younger. You haven't changed much though. Thanks for sharing Dinky Creek camp with us!

Susan Rozier said...

Thanks so much for this narrative Jill. I took some of the pictures, but am very an outsider when it comes to the history part. I've only been there twice and I'm already hooked. Can't wait to see Brock and Elora pictures. What did Elora think? Love, Dad and Susan

Lisa said...

Man you look different with lil' Logan! I think Elora has your eyes & you look so different. Oh..did I say that again? I honestly can't get over it. I've only known you the last 9 years so it is amazing that while Family Camp still looks the same; you look different. 40 years ago or're BEAUTIFUL just look different is all.

Jill said...

Yeah well Lisa, I forgot to mention that while time stood still for Family Camp it sure did not stand still for me...but that's obvious. A lot happens to a person in 29 years! :)))))

Mary said...

I remember hearing about "family camp" when I was a teen. We went to Dinky Creek often for camping, horseback riding, and sliding down the big boulders in the creek (at least they seemed big to us) until we wore out the seats of our swimsuits, but never went to family camp. Just pitched our tents.

Why haven't you gone in 29 years? I'm guessing health issues with a little OCD thrown in? :) It's still great to have all those family memories from your youth!

Eileen said...

This post was great, and I love seeing the picture of you and Logan, thanks for posting that.
I think I could have picked you out in an old group photo, I don't think you look that different. Pretty young Mom then, pretty Grandma now!

I loved seeing the camp pictures too, I think that whole idea is great.

Sorry I missed some posts, we've had some family issues going on here.
I hope your foot is healing, I hate to hear that you're in pain.
I hope you have a nice visit with your mother-in-law in spite of your foot problems!
All the best,

Carly said...

You need to come up and visit camp next summer!!

Richard said...

You remember camp as well and speak about it as authoritatively as Wendy does the grape vinyard. She last visited there in 1968 (according to her she has either been pregnant or lactating every year since, therefore unable to participate) but is happy to talk to any who will listen about how dirty, but wholesome the experience is!

Sue said...

What a cute picture this is. Very nostalgic somehow...takes me back to another day and age.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,

Your Family Camp pictures and comments brought back a lot of special memories. Our family attended once or twice in each of three decades--the 60's, 70's and the 80's--so each one of our children also has great memories of Family Camp.
Sonja Kland