Monday, July 20, 2009

His name is Tennis Ball

Friday night was the merging of the 2nd cousins...a few of them anyway.

My son Brock and his wife Erin, with Elora and Cami.
And then my niece Carly with her husband Enoch and their 3 children: Rivka, Hosanna, and Zion.

So that makes 5 kids who are 2nd cousins, right?

The only ones who would cooperate for the picture were Cami and Hosanna.I tried to get some spontaneous pictures but with all the running and activity, that was nearly impossible.

Elora and Zion
Elora and Rivy

Elora insisted on calling Zion, "Tennis Ball". I couldn't figure it out so I asked Carly. She said Elora was noticing his head was fuzzy so Carly said something like, "He's our little tennis ball" I guess Elora took it literally.

You'll see what I mean at the very end of this clip.


grandmapeg said...

This is hilarious how Elora calls him tennis ball :-) It's fun for these little cousins to get to know each other. I'm sure they'll get a good laugh out of this years from now.

Mary said...

Kids can be so creative with nicknames. Mine think up nicknames for people and pets that would never ever occur to me. To me, your name is your name!

I love the names Carly gave her children. So unusual!

Jill said...

Yes, they are unusual names, and they are expecting #4 on your birthday Mary!....just 6 weeks plus 1 day.

darlene said...

What were the kids getting ready for so intently? Is Elora wearing lipstick, or does she just naturally have rosy lips?
Elora is going to get a good laugh out of this video when she's grown up!

Lisa said...

Pure joy watching kids and what a quiver full, huh?

Love this kind of stuff! It's what makes life so much fun & memorable.

Jill said...

Darlene, I'm not sure what they were intently getting ready for. Elora is coming over in the morning so I will ask her. Earlier they were getting "wings ready for the wedding"...not sure what wings have to do with a wedding. They are so fun to watch.
And no, I don't think she had any lipstick on, at least I don't have any in the playroom.

Lynn said...

Jill, I love it. Made me laugh out loud!

Jill said...

What Dennis thought was funny is Zion even answered to the name of Tennis Ball. Must be because Elora speaks with such authority!

Eileen said...

Jill, that's what I got a kick out of most too, that Zion answered to the name 'Tennis Ball'!! I thought that was the cutest thing! He really is adorable! They all are.
This was such fun! Thanks for posting it. I loved it!
You have a beautiful family and I can see that you enjoy them!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

This was all too cute. That Elora cracks me up.

darlene said...

Thanks so much for posting that video clip, Jill. I literally couldn't stop laughing. Then later, when it came to my mind, I'd burst out laughing again. I've been watching a few movies lately that are labeled "comedies", and frankly, I rarely laugh out loud at any of the gag lines. They are predictable, crude, and in-your-face. I realized that children are the source of real humor for me. Not because they are ever trying to be funny, but because they are just naturally funny. Their innocent reactions and interactions with the world are priceless entertainment. I'm still laughing at things my children said as kids (that I remembered to write down!) and wish I remembered more. Your documentation of kids in your family will be more "priceless entertainment" for a whole lot of people for years to come. You are doing a wonderful service!