Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some of the things they do at family camp

To me, the picture above says, "Family Camp, A New Generation"
That's Amy's mom holding Jonas during campfire time.

Will Jonas, my grandson, be taking his family to this camp someday?

They say nothing has changed since I first started going there back in the 1960s. I bet even the dirt is the same. My grandchildren are probably walking on the same little specks of dirt that I did.

Skit time
Amy and Logan

Volley ball with towels. Even the games are the same.
McKenzie and Kylie
My niece Carly with little "Tennis Ball" next to her and his Daddy Enoch. Baby #4 is due Sept. 1st

Dad and Susan

My brother John and his wife Suzanne.

Must have been my sister Robin's turn to work in the kitchen yesterday.

The Kitchen Rules. I wonder how long those signs have been up there.

Lots of sitting and visiting. Here is my sister Peggy with her granddaughter Rivka.

Logan pushing the twins around

Logan set up a hammock right outside their cabin. I've heard he lays in there at night and swings Jonas to sleep. Sweet Macie girl is in there now.
What is it about little kids and dirt?
It's like they can't get enough of it.
Hosanna and Rivka

My sister Heidi helping with the babies, along with Amy of course.

This one's for you Jason.

My brother Richard and his wife Wendy, aka Papa and Chickie

I heard Téa is not liking the outdoors as much.
She's more content at home.
Have you seen a sadder face?
Jonas says: "I don't know why my little sister doesn't like it up here. I think it's the best. I plan on bringing my children here someday."


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

It looks like fun and it was good seeing my sweet Mckenzie and Robin but I have to agree with Tea on this one. I am not a real camping fan. But I am so glad you have this family tradition of going up there. I know "my kids" have really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill, You are speedy! I recognized a few of my pictures in this blog. Wendy does a great job getting actual people in hers! Thanks for tonight--it was a real treat. Love, Dad and Susan

Mary said...

This brings back memories of annual family campouts when I was a child. My Uncle Ernie was the Scout Master of Fresno County and moved his family to Camp Chawanakee every summer, and all us relatives joined them there for a week at the end of the season. Such fun for us kids!

Rebecca said...

How fun. What is family camp, and where is it?

Jill said...

Rebecca...It's about 80 people (?), several families...we aren't related to all of them, but there are more Roziers (my maiden name) than any other family. It's up at Dinkey Creek, Ca which is a bit past Shaver Lake. I might be way off on the #s of people. If anyone knows, could they leave a comment and tell me??

Susan...I love the pictures you gave me tonight. I'm planning another post with them. I love how you took pictures of all the basics...showers, bathrooms, kitchen, inside of the barracks, even took pictures of the dishes!...probably the same ones that were there when I was a kid.

grandmapeg said...

Everybody looks like they are having fun except Tea (couldn't do the mark over the e in her name). Craig and I had a good laugh at her expression. Thanks for sharing family camp!

Eileen said...

What a happy post! So nice to 'visit' with your family at camp this way! The twins are beginning to look more alike to me! If it weren't for the pink and the blue I don't think I could tell one from the other where before I believe I'd be able to. They are beautiful, as are the rest of the children and the whole family!
Blessings on you all, Jill! I think this is so wonderful!
All the best,

Jill said...

Eileen..Maybe in the pictures they look alike but in person they don't look alike at all. Their heads are even shaped differently. And their personalities are so incredibly different. She is very laid back, easy going, very cuddly, and so happy most all the time (except at camp I hear). He is high strung, intense, does not want to be touched and held alot but instead wants lots of conversation and interaction.

Amy Nielson said...

Looks the same as my memories of going there as a kid too. :) Fun place!

Jill said...

Oh yes, I do remember your family went there Amy....along with the Davies, Harlines, Robertsons, Hills, Morrisons, Wardells, Fletchers, Morgans, Hassons, Holidays, to name a few off the top of my head...