Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The twins at 3 weeks old

The wife of the wedding photographer offered to take these pictures of the twins for FREE.
Right in their own nursery.

Amy and Logan could not pass this great offer up.

Aren't these pictures amazing?

Daddy and Mommy holding their babies

Jonas kissing Téa
Incredible the way he follows directions. Even in his sleep!
Well okay, so he's looking for his lunch.
If you can handle this, watch this short clip. We really were not torturing them. Amy had just put them in their car seats for the ride home. I guess they had their little hearts set on staying longer.

I title this video, "In stereo"


grandmapeg said...

Absolutely darling pictures!!!!! This photographer is really good. And obviously what makes one of them mad, makes the other one mad too :-)))) I just love the pictures of these two babies together.

Kris said...

Oh, those pictures are priceless!!!! So sweet and tender- they just made me smile all over.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Very cute pictures. Reminds me of Ann Geddes(?). What a treasure to have them. I really like the one where they are holding the babies out on their arms.

Thanks for the video clip. Those two are sure loud for being so little.

Sapp Family said...

I ran accross the pictures on Stephanie's blog and wondered if they were your grandkids. They are so precious. I loved the pictures.

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, These are priceless! Amazing that they stayed asleep while being positioned in the different poses. And, one of the absolute best things is that it was done in their own environment and Amy didn't have to "take them to a studio." I'm very impressed with the quality of the pictures and the generosity of the "photographer's wife." Love, Dad and Susan

kelly said...

Awww, that is so sweet. I love the pics with them snuggling and Jonas "kissing" Tea.

Eileen said...

What a beautiful keepsake these pictures are for your family! It warms my heart to see these two miracles! God is Good.

And I wanted to reach in and pick the little ones up from those car seats! What is it about a crying baby that brings out the 'mama' in all of us (even men!)?

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

Precious babies; beautiful pictures. Lynn

Jill said...

Thank you for all these nice comments. I know what you mean about wanting to pick those babies up out of their car seats. It was hard to film them without picking them up, but I wanted to have a record of their little cry. Or rather big cry. And now that Logan is off maternity leave, Amy deals with them both crying at once in the middle of the night. Must be very challenging at times.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

What fabulous photos of the twins! I missed seeing these until now. Very cute.

Sandi said...

Absolutly adorable!!!