Monday, May 18, 2009

The weekend happenings

We had relatives in and out of our house most of the weekend.

Thursday we had my brother Richard with us.

Friday we had Richard and my niece Natalie

Saturday night when Den and I went to bed about 10pm we didn't even know who we would wake up to. We knew it would be family, as they had come to town for a wedding, but we weren't sure who.

I suspected it would be Jason so we started up the waffle iron.
Richard said, "This is the best waffle I've ever had." (he told me to write that)

Saturday I attended North Stake's Enrichment and got to hear my sister in law Wendy speak. I like her quote of "treat friends like family, and family like friends."
She was total entertainment, as always.

My niece Natalie and I went to see the babies.
She was smitten like the rest of us.

Lots of visiting time.
I got to see all Natalie's pictures from her trip recently to Korea and Japan with her brother in law, Jason. They found a good deal for this trip, and 48 hours later, went for it.
I couldn't get over the mass of people on the streets of Tokyo. (below)

Cami stopped by so Grandpa could kiss her. Our sweet little Camers still does not have her strength quite back since her surgery. What a sweetheart she is.

Elora and her 2nd cousin Hailey just picked up
where they left off last visit.

And look what they got at Elora's school carnival.

Even got to spend some time with my niece,
Lindsay, the Master graduate.
She's checking out my Outlier book.

Logan cooked his first zucchini from his garden!!
(in his RN scrubs, all ready for work)

That's it for this time.
Téa said no more pictures!


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. But thanks for letting me know. I would have been down there especially to hear Wendy speak. She is awesome.

Love Tea's comment.

Eileen said...

I love this post!!
What a nice 'family time' weekend you had! That's wonderful!
Thanks so much for sharing this, I really enjoyed it so much.

And Tokyo looks just like Times Square in Manhattan during rush hour!
Sure looks exciting!

And I love the look of your blog! Is that new or have I just not been paying attention?

Another great post, Jill!

grandmapeg said...

You sure have a lot of people coming and going in your house! It's busy but I'm sure you all enjoy it very much. Cute pictures of everyone. I can't believe how much Téa has grown!! Thanks for sharing your weekend!

Mary said...

I like seeing your activities over time--it looks a lot like my life (and probably most peoples)! Busy is good; it helps us savor the rare quiet moments.

lindsay lark said...

Auntie Jill, thanks so much for having all of us- I feel so blessed to have such a loving, supportive, fun family!

Rebecca said...

Zucchini already? That is crazy! I forget how truly wonderful California is! Tonight we are just now planting our zucchini!!

Dad and Susan said...

Whew! What a fun-filled life you live! It's wonderful that you're so flexible. We LOVE all the pictures. It was a real treat to see "the Rozier girls" again. You do have an exceptional family. Thanks for chronicling it so well. Love, Dad and Susan

Lisa said...

what GREAT photos of your family! That lost shot really captures how fast she's grown. Everyone looks so HAPPY! Oh I love home grown zuchini's If he ever gets so many tomatoes or zuchini's that he starts to go crazy...send some to my house. I take some gladly. Loved this post!

Jill said...

I will remember that Lisa!