Thursday, May 28, 2009

What in the world is going on in Logan's garden?

Last night when Den and I went to pick up Austin and Macie, to take them out for their birthday dinner, I was surprised what I saw outside.

I always look to see how Logan's garden is doing, but I did not expect to see all those little red things out there!

So I asked to whoever was listening,
"What are all those red things doing in the garden??!" I think it was Amy who answered, "Those are rocks that Logan painted red."


But why?

She said the theory is "by the time the tomatoes come in, the birds will think they are all red rocks, and they will leave them alone."

(Then Karen, his mother in law, said, "Logan is hoping those birds break their beaks on the red rocks.")

Where did Logan find time to paint all those rocks?

I applaud him for his creativity. Keep us posted on this Logan.
I guess it's all about trying to outsmart the animal and insect kingdom.

Logan was too busy last night to explain much to me. He was making what he calls a "zucchini surprise" for his family's dinner. Zucchini, ham, eggs, and cheese. I heard later that everyone loved it. Amy made this salad. Everything came from the garden except the cheese and tomatoes.

And while they were all eating the beautiful garden food, we took Austin and Macie to Red Robin's.
Austin is a such a good big brother to his little sister Macie.
I heard him say things like , "Don't color (the menu) until you have decided what you want to eat." He also helped her choose what she wanted, and held her hand both into the restaurant and outside again.

Sorry Austin and Macie, that we were 2 months late this year taking you out.
But we had a great time, didn't we?

Kylie's turn is next.

On a side note: Logan gave me a bag of greens he picked from his garden plus some more zucchini. Tonight I blended some mayo and a little mustard with some tuna. Then I mixed this up with a bowl of greens and raw zucchini plus I added a cucumber, carrot and celery, and a sliced hard boiled egg and this was dinner for Dennis. He kept saying how much he loved it. And he ended with, "Compliments to the chef and the gardener."

I just put Logan's greens along with an apple (and some ice and water) and blended it in my Vita Mix for me. LOVED IT!! I had tuna on the side with some couscous.
Thanks to Logan and his garden, for another great dinner!!


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Got to hand it to Logan. Very creative. Never heard of scarerocks before. Hope it works. There is nothing like homegrown tomatoes. (hint, hint)

Dad and Susan said...

Scarerocks?!!! How clever! Fake wasps nests? Fake tomatoes? Fake scary man to crows? We love all this deceit and deception in the name of creative gardening. The garden looks WONDERFUL by the way. Love, Dad and Susan

Ammy said...

I LOVE the picture of Austin and Macie holding sweet are they?

darlene said...

I like your dinner choices. Nothing like homegrown vegies! Zuchinni this early? Mine won't be ready till July! You must have an earlier growing season. Lucky you!

grandmapeg said...

The garden looks great!!! Logan has done well on this garden. I hope the red rocks work. You'll have to keep us posted. I love Red Robin! Did Austin and Macie choose or do you know that they like certain places to eat?

Eileen said...

I love the 'tomato' rocks! Tell me if it works!

Very sweet pictures of Austin and Macie, and nice to hear how good Austin is to his little sister.

And, Jill, you eat so healthy! You put me to shame, but have now inspired me. Thanks!

Kris said...

The garden is looking so good Logan! It was fun to visit with you at the wedding about it. How's that compost maker of yours doing? We just got ours planted and am very excited about it.

Looks like a fun birthday dinner! Lucky kids!

Richard said...

Kudos to Logan for not producing homemade cheese. He would be very unpopular in the neighborhood if he kept dairy cows back there too.

Peg's Garden said...

I wonder if small red rocks would have worked for the strawberries?

Rebecca said...

Well, you can tell Logan that I tie red ribbons on my tomato plants because I heard this helps the blossoms to "set" quick and make the tomato. It works, I did some with and some with out ribbons and the ribbon ones grew faster. I think it attracts the bees.

Lisa said...

DANG...with that kind of good eats-ya'll gonna live to be 200 years old!

I love Logan's humorous side. And I don't mean the body part whatever that is but I know something on our body is called one of those.

NICE POST! I dunno about those rocks...but the idea is very cleva! Life looks fun over there!

Mary said...

Now you have to get me that recipe for "Zucchini Surprise" from Logan. It sounds delicious, and the ingredients all fit exactly with healthy controlled-carn eating!

Mary said...

Controlled-CARB, that is!

Rue said...

Good morning Jill :)

How sweet that Austin holds Macie's hand! I remember when Alex would do that with Annie :)

I think the rock idea is brilliant! Let us know if it works.

Have a great weekend!

kelly said...

Austin is such a great kid. I too want to know how the red rocks work.

the Rich girl said...

You know, I love Red Robin. But I think that I would have rather had Logan's Zucchini Surprise and Amy's home-grown (and gorgeous) salad.

Good luck with the rocks! (And the rest of the garden, too!)

tyler said...

Well, the situation is clear: everyone loves red rocks.

Uh...I'm sorry that this is the only comment I've made in a long time. But once I saw the opening pictures, I was hooked.

Post-script: McKay, Karen, and I are trying to get your Mother's Day gift and Dennis's Father's Day gift ready to ship out TOGETHER now because it just makes sense at this point. I promise I'll do better next year, Mom. Love ya!

Jennifer said...

I too love the red rocks and would be interested to know how well it works!! We eat Zucchini omlets often which is the same as Logan's Zucchini suprise but his has a much cooler name, and it is delicious.