Thursday, May 7, 2009

Elora, Cami, and the Newlyweds

Brock came by to see Elora this afternoon
and she would not let go.

She is totally fine and happy with us, but she misses her family.
Yesterday when I picked her up from school she asked if I would drive by her house. I told her we could not get in, no one was there. She said, "I know, I just want to look at it."

We have watched the movie ANNIE every day since she has been here with us. I love that she has graduated from animated movies and now likes musicals! I am not a movie person, but I do love musicals so I have big plans with her. She sat there for the longest time balancing that plate on her knee.

On our little routine visit to Jamba Juice.

She also shucked the peas for me. Elora loves anything to do with preparing food.

The big news this week with Elora is that a boy in her class, Chewy, kissed her. Not good news. She said he got in trouble and "has to miss recess for 3 weeks and 11 days."

I took the newlyweds to the airport to catch their flight to Texas for their 2nd wedding reception, before going home to Provo. I have my doubts whether they even realized I was with them.

They got lots of attention hauling her wedding dress around.
As soon as they checked in, they went right to the security screeners. Usually we visit for awhile and they go to the screeners right before their flight takes off. But this time they even forgot to say goodbye to me. I called them back so I could give them a hug. Their flight was not scheduled to leave for another hour!

It's all good though.
I didn't even cry when they left this time. I am just totally completely happy for them. No looking back on my part this time. Not today anyway, I'm too tired.

What fun times we had this past week!

Below is usually what I get from Elora these days as soon as she sees my camera. I may have overdone it in the past. Ya think?

We are not sure, but we think little Camers may come home tomorrow. She had real food today although it was pureed, and it will need to be pureed for the next month. Erin said Cami walked a few laps around her room. She has the IV unhooked and got to sit on her Daddy's lap tonight. Good thing Elora finally let go of his leg this afternoon, so he could go back to the hospital.

Please stay tuned.
I have some more amazing wedding pictures to share soon.


Mary said...

I think we sometimes are so focused on the sick child that we don't fully realize or remember how hard this can be on the healthy older child. While Jeff and Dana stayed by Callie's side in the hospital for 2 months (which clearly was right and needful at the time), 4-year-old Brinley was pretty traumatized. She needed plenty of extra love herself as things slowly got back to normal. It's great that Elora is so comfortable with her grandparents, but it's good you also understand how she still misses her parents and sister and home. At least she's always surrounded by love!

Eileen said...

It looks like you are keeping Elora amused (or is it she that's keeping you amused?!), those are very sweet pictures. And even more sweet is the fact that she just wanted to take a drive by her house to look at it. I guess she's just like the rest of us, no matter how nice another place may be to visit, there really is no place like home.
And I can understand your feelings saying goodbye to the newlyweds, another sort of bittersweet experience, a tinge of sadness having to let go but the joy at how right it all feels!
'Wishing you and your family all the best!

grandmapeg said...

You have had one eventful, busy week!! Newlyweds are oblivious to everything but each other and that's how it should be so it's nice that you are so understanding. That is great news about Cami! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery! Elora is very lucky to have grandparents close by to help take care of her, and a 'drive-by' of her home helps out a lot. There is no place like home...but Grandma Honey's home comes very close!

Lisa said...

Looks like serveral more chapters of your book is about to begin while other's closed! What a busy, busy month you've had! Elora makes me laugh.

The newlyweds look like they've been together forever! My nephew was 40 minutes ahead of his flight to Provo & they gave his seat away. He couldn't get another flight until the next day causing him to miss classes, tests, work. I've been hearing that some airlines give seats away! Jacki was 1/2 hour early-gone. She was so mad. I'm glad cell phones are here in our days..we have so many privileges!!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love your updates. Your little granddaughters are the sweetest! Oh to be a newlywed. It's not bad being showered with presents either. Have a happy mother's day Jill!

kelly said...

Great post. That little Elora is a cutie. I love the outfit she has on with the plate on her knee. If you take me to Jamba Juice I'll come over whenever you want me to.