Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some pictures the photographer DIDN'T take

We have not received the pictures yet from the photographer,
but look what my daughter in law Erin was able to capture:

Isn't this one a classic?
Here's Karen's Mom carrying Karen's petticoat into the temple.

Karen, Tyler, Brock...
not sure what their odd expressions were all about.

Not sure if Tyler is looking at the cake or the utensils
but this picture makes me laugh.

Going down the hall headed for a bathroom break, I think.

Karen with her Mom and sister.
Aren't they beautiful?

Not sure what my sons are doing,
but I like seeing them all in the same picture.
Téa, Logan, and Amy
Pure sweetness
Karen's shoes look comfy and right in style with the wedding colors. Wish I had some shoes like these.

Emily and Jessica

So notice Karen's long beautiful train... (just as they were leaving the temple)

Tyler would pick her train up gently
and carry it every time they walked anywhere.
If they stopped to talk to someone
he would stand there holding it for her.

Here he is trying to situate the train for her as she is being seated at the wedding luncheon.

Karen must have a very strong arm.
Look where she threw the bouquet!
You have to look very closely in the upper right corner of this picture.
See it?
Thank you Erin for capturing some very special moments!
Well I guess you didn't take the one below, however.


Eileen said...

Great pictures! Professionally posed pictures are wonderful too, but I really enjoy spontaneous!
It looks like you had a beautiful day (weather-wise and otherwise!).
Such a happy memory to treasure! Thanks for posting the pictures. Beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Sometimes the candid pictures are the ones I like the best!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Love all these pictures. Way to go Erin. They bring back the happy memories of that day. Thanks.

grandmapeg said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!!! Erin did a great job taking them. She needs to be a wedding planner with all that she has done with this reception and luncheon and now the pics! I think you and Erin deserve to go to lunch and celebrate now that it's over. I can hardly wait to see more pictures of Tyler and Karen and all of the family.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Everyone looks so happy. I just love weddings. Sorry I missed this one!

Dad and Susan said...

These pictures were so fun to see. Thanks Erin for your unique camera positioning. We loved everything about the entire day. Wasn't it wonderful how the weather cooperated? Everyone involved did exceptionally well. Job well done. You all should be pleased and proud. Love, Dad and Susan

Mary said...

The behind-the-scenes pics are often the best!

Kris said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful day! I will always treasure the time we were able to spend with everyone there. It was worth it be there in every way.

Just a sidenote- those brown shoes are actually Jessica's! :) The poor thing had blisters on the backs by the end of the day, but they were so cute, it was all worth it right? LOL

Lisa said...

There's nothing like going back & seeing the photos. It brings back ALL the wonderful moments you NEVER want to forget! Erin & Brock sure look cute in that last pic! Tyler & Karen are BEAMING. They are a very handsome couple.

Mar~ said...

Fun photos!

I can never see enough photos of a wonderful day!