Thursday, May 14, 2009

Look what's growing at their house...

Didn't I just do a post about Logan's garden and the babies growing? It was less than 2 months ago. My have things progressed.
Logan giving us a tour in the first video.
I tripped at one point so the camera goes a little crazy.

Below that video, is one of Amy nursing the twins. I am just in awe how she balances everything (literally).


Eileen said...

I love the videos! Thanks for sharing!
I can't believe how big the twins are getting!
Such a beautiful family you have.
Enjoy them!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I am really impressed with Logan and the garden. Way to go.

Amy and the babies are so cute. She is doing a great job with them.

grandmapeg said...

Great job on the garden!! Logan is really into this and his hard work shows. I'm glad you didn't fall and hurt yourself when you tripped. Oh my gosh...Amy literally has her hands full with the twins, but she seems to handle it in stride. Great job there too!

Dad and Susan said...

Both Logan and Amy are amazing! Thanks for the update on the garden. Wow, it must be so satisfying to see it "do its magic" after the prep work is over. Of course, Amy did a lot of prep work and indeed, will be doing prep work for MANY YEARS to come! Both are the engaged in miracles. Love, Dad and Susan

Ammy said...

I am envious of Logan's garden...especially the squash and zucchini. We can't even plant ours for a few more weeks....and his is already up!,,,so jealous!

Lisa said...

There's so much symbolism in your post today! The growth, the nurturing, the love the everything!

Amy looks INCREDIBLE! I've never seen anyone who handles child bearing as well as she does and looks AWESOME the whole way through! What blesings. What JOY!

Sue said...

Some women are just cut out to be mothers...Looks like she is one of them.


Pretty good garden, too!

Rebecca said...

Wow you Californians have such a long growing season. Guess what? We can't even plant our garden yet because it is still below freeing at night, can you believe? Amy looks like a pro with the babies. I miss talking to you, but I don't think you get my emails anymore!