Saturday, May 9, 2009

Homecoming and Departing

Obviously Elora's teacher gave the class a lesson on how plants need sunshine. As I was taking her home yesterday (when I heard her sister and Mom were home from the hospital), I looked back and saw her doing this.

The entire way home she kept her little arm in the air making sure her plant did not go without sunshine for even 10 minutes! Notice the serious look on her face.
She will make a good mother someday.

The homecoming was so sweet.
Erin could not wait until we came to the door.
She had missed her Elora!
Look what we came to find the patient doing.
Her little chair cracks me up!

Elora missed Plato and uh, can't remember the cat's name.
Just before I took Elora home, we said goodbye to Uncle McKay. He is back in Provo now. Ready to get back to his math research, and onto Grad school this Fall.

My oldest son Brock offered to drive the 11 hours back with him. I thought that was so sweet of him, so brotherly. Brock will then take a flight home tomorrow.

While I admit I was feeling a little bad this past week or so that I did not get to spend as much one on one time with my sons as I had hoped...I am also grateful that my boys like each other so much.

I always wanted them to be close as adults.
So I guess I need to get use to sharing.

I know my boys will be surprised that I am admitting this...the part about me sharing, I mean.


Lisa said...

Your reflection on this post pulls on all my heartstrings. The love of mothers runs deep. Elora sure is a cutie & Cami looked so grown up sitting in her leather chair.

I know what you mean by wanting your kids to be close when they're older-it's a gift you give them-each other. Love that Brock did that w/ McKay.

Jacki's coming home tonight from D.C. to start her 2 month internship with the Appellate Court in Fresno! Kids keep coming & going, huh?

grandmapeg said...

A very sweet picture of Erin and Elora! You can sure tell that they missed each other the last few days. It is very nice when our children are close to each other as adults. They make great friends. We moms do have to share our time, don't we? And it's great to see the picture of Cami in her little chair. That is so cute!

Eileen said...

So happy for you and your family and Cami!
So glad that little family could be together again!

And what better reward could a mother have than to see a job well done! Congratulations to you!

God Is Good!

I'm sending prayers of Thanksgiving!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. I just love your family. I am so glad that Cami is okay. I love that picture of her in the chair. My kind of woman.

You gotta love Elora too. She is too funny. I love that she just wanted to go by her house and look at it. I love that picture of Erin and Elora. That was so awesome. Talk about a Hallmark moment.

Sue said...

The way she held that plant up is one of the cutest things ever!


PS. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment...