Saturday, April 26, 2008

Under the same roof

For the first time in 5 years, my two youngest sons McKay and Tyler, are living together. There was about a 4 year span they were apart as their 2 year missions overlapped. Then one by one they went to BYU where they still are. Tyler's apartment complex is being renovated so McKay invited him to come live with him for the summer. Moved in yesterday.

Dennis thinks I should leave this event off my blog.

I, however, love this event. I love the thought that they are together again living under the same roof. A mom thing I guess.

I hope I don't embarrass them, but I don't think they read this blog anyway. And so what, they know how I am. I just have to say, they were so inseparable growing up. If we were looking for one in the house, the other one would be right there. Always together.

No, this was not their room. They often consider our bed, their bed.

I know at 22 and 24 they do not look like this anymore. Still to me, they always will.

A journal entry of mine, Dec. 18th, 1992:
"Today was the last day of school before vacation. I informed McKay (8 1/2) and Tyler (7) that when school resumed they would have different lunch hours. They both looked very sad and hung their heads. Then Tyler said, " least we'll still be brothers."


Anonymous said...

Jill, This is so sweet. I didn't know your two boys were so close. That is really nice that they have that special relationship. This shows what a great mother you are.I hope you will keep doing this blog. I love it. It helps me to get to know the family better.

Jill said...

Thank you Karen for reading my blog! I am honored.


Anonymous said...

Where did the time go!?! These memories are precious, just like your sons. I do hope they read your blog because it shows how much they were loved, are loved, and always will be loved.


Anonymous said...

Jill, I enjoy your blog so much. Your dad must also as he is the one who lets me know there is a new entry.

Love, Susan

grandmapeg said...

I love this entry!!!! I hope M&T do read this. You don't see too many brothers in this world that have been as close as these two are, and it's great that they are back under the same roof, even if only temporary. Great job with your entries!

The Gage Cage said...

How cute is that?! I bet they love it! I hope they enjoy this opportunity while it lasts. Pretty soon life as they know it will be totally different. Not bad but different. I remember a fireside one of your sons gave to the youth. I think it was Mckay. Good (as in good lookin and good livin) boys like that won't be single forever.

t-dizzle said...

I'm not without embarrassment, but it was a good reminder of the good old days. Thanks, Mom. Sometimes I wish I could go back to when life was simple.

Brock said...

I like this little trip through the years of photographs. Very fun. That first photo though...I thought this was going to be a blog about Logan and I when I first saw it. It looks so much like our early pictures that it's unreal.

Jill said...

I never realized that before Brock, but I went back and checked and yes, I do see what you mean. Well you know what they say, an apple does not fall far from it's tree..."


McKay said...

Its pretty fun having him around. He brings Karen over and we all have a good time together. Thanks for doing this Mom.