Thursday, April 24, 2008

More on Hosanna

I just talked to my sister Peggy about her granddaughter Hosanna. Enoch called her and said she is still in ICU having seizures and partial blindness. They have a top neurologist trying to make a diagnosis. Carly of course is having a very hard time. This is difficult on Peggy too not being able to be there to help. All we can do for now is pray but prayer is powerful. Enoch also sent this email to me and others today Thank you Enoch. We can't be with you but so many of us are with you in spirit:

Dear all,

Most of you have heard that Hosanna has some ailment that the doctors here in Panama are currently trying to diagnose. It began from what we thought was a bacterial meningitis infection but then was complicated when she fell from her bed and got a large egg on her forehead. This all began Tuesday morning when she suddenly lost her vision and became very lethargic with a slight fever. It seems like we have driven over half of Panama in ambulances now but she is in stable condition and being monitored and studied by a competent team of doctors and a neurologist. A CT scan came back clear and we are waiting (until Hosanna is drowsy so she will stay still) to have an MRI so they can take a closer look at her brain. We will keep you informed as we find out more.

For those of you who are worried that we are in Panama, Panama's hospital system is the best in Latin America and Hosanna is receiving first rate treatment. If it becomes necessary we have the option to fly to a hospital in the United States. Hosanna is currently in the ICU at Jose Olbadia Children's Hospital in David, Panama. Please keep us and Hosanna in your prayers. If you wish to call us you can do so by calling internationally: 011-507-6811-7710.

Much love,
Enoch and the gang

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