Thursday, April 24, 2008

Having Hailey Withdrawals!

Papa and Chickie (aka her grandparents) picked up Hailey from our home yesterday afternoon about 4pm. They were driving her back to be with her Daddy. Hailey had been with us for a week. Jason, her Dad, was here too but he went back home on Sunday.

Bye bye Hailey.

We are going through withdrawals. What a delightful little girl she is and how we love her!

She took Headie home with her. Headie use to hold her Mommy's wig. Here is Headie with Chickie and Hailey:

You know those ugly rotten looking teeth that people wear on Halloween? A few days ago Hailey and I were visiting Dennis at his office. One of the investigators, "Funny John" as Hailey calls him, quickly put in his Halloween teeth before we entered his office. When I saw him open his mouth I was worried that Hailey would be frightened. Instead she looked right at him and said in her very soft spoken serious way, "My daddy could fix your teeth. He's a dentist."

Hailey and "Funny John": (after he took those ugly teeth out)

I miss Hailey. I miss her coming in my room every morning and climbing up on my bed to snuggle, with her head sharing my pillow.

Sorry, I don't do morning pictures.


grandmapeg said...

What fun pictures and memories!! I'm sure you are having withdrawals but Hailey is so lucky to have you as a "Great, great-aunt"!!

Brock Heasley said...

She is so precious! We are sad that we didn't get to see her even more!

Jill said...

Thank you Peggy for always reading my blog! And make that just one Great Aunt to Hailey. :) Or do I have that wrong? Her mom Robin is my niece, so Hailey would be my great niece, right?

And I agree Erin, I was disappointed that Elora and Hailey didn't get to see each other more. But they sure had a great time together on Tuesday!


grandmapeg said... misunderstood. I know you are only one 'great-aunt' to her. I was saying that you are a great one...not just a "good" great aunt but a "great" great aunt. You do so many great things for everyone, so you're just a great person :)