Friday, April 25, 2008

Leaning Towards Good News

I've been gone most of the day due to a wedding. It is now after 10pm, just got home and called my sister Peggy. Hosanna has been moved out of ICU! She is able to have a parent with her at all times so Enoch and Carly take turns. Tonight I hear she has her arms wrapped around her daddy's neck and won't let go.

Turns out, the Drs think she has a virus that went into her ears and then into her brain. So they have ruled out a bacterial infection (which is good) and they are now leaning towards a virus of some kind that will just have to run its course. They will know for sure what this is on Monday, they are told. She may even be able to go home on Monday!

Thank you all who are praying for our Hosanna and for her family. I am going to sleep better tonight. We are leaning towards happy.

Hosanna jumping from a tree with little brother in Carly's back pack and 3 year old Rivy near by. Picture taken last month. Beautiful country, huh?


Anonymous said...

I am so glad she is going to be okay. Thanks for keeping us all informed.

grandmapeg said...

This is great news! Thanks for putting the update as your entry. I'm sure your whole family is feeling better with this news. It is amazing what prayers and a loving Heavenly Father can do!

Jill said...

Thank you Karen and Peggy for responding. I never quite know if anyone is reading this unless they leave a comment, so thank you. And yes, there is such great power in prayer!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy all your topics, pix, etc. and read every word. I just don't always have an immediate response to put in writing but the positive thoughts are there. Your blog is very nice. Thank you for sharing!

pjsc from MI