Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hosanna Update

Thank you for the prayers concerning Hosanna. The Drs have ruled out meningitis. Then they thought she had some kind of poisoning, perhaps from pesticides. They have sort of ruled that out since she appears to be getting better. She was having convulsions but those seem to have stopped. She was also unresponsive but that is improving also.

However, Hosanna was put into ICU and Carly and Enoch, with their other two, have been sent back to the hotel they are staying at, which is just a few blocks from the hospital there in Panama. They were told they cannot see her til 8am tomorrow morning and only for 5 minutes. Of course the big question is, if she is getting better why have they put her into ICU? And why can Carly no longer be by her baby's side? It is especially difficult because only Enoch knows Spanish, so he has to interpret everything to Carly.

We should know more tomorrow after their 8am visit.

This was taken last month. Rivy, Hosanna, and a neighbor girl:

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