Monday, April 28, 2008

Selective Memory

I realize I have selective memory as I get older. I tend to hold on to the good and conveniently forget the not so good. I have my journals to help balance it out:

November 3, 1987

Today Tyler (almost 2) threw every bit of make up I own in the toilet, threw a bucket of dirt on the couch, threw a handful of spoons at me, turned the backyard water on and flooded the yard and himself,-----I dressed him again and he stripped himself. He also poured a bucket of water on the dining room floor. McKay whined most of the day (and screamed).”

September 19, 1988

Brock (11 ½ ) had an enormous amount of homework so I asked Logan (9) to clean the family room by himself (they usually do this together each night). Logan was very upset and said this wasn’t fair. So I told him---“Why don’t you make a deal with Brock? Tell him you’ll clean the family room by yourself tonight if he’ll do it alone tomorrow night.”

So Logan staggered out of the room to tell Brock the plan and came back a few minutes later complaining. “He said he doesn’t like that plan and he won’t do it .” I was surprised and disappointed in Brock but too tired at the time to go discuss it with him. About an hour later they were both watching TV in the messy family room----I turned it off and angrily said to Brock, “How dare you watch TV after declining Logan’s offer! He was willing to clean this room all by himself if you’d just agree to clean it tomorrow night.” Brock looked shocked and said, “What?! Logan told me---‘Brock, if you clean the family room for the next 2 years, I’ll clean it the year after that.”


logan heasley said...

I loved this entry! I love hearing stories about Logan. That sounds just like him! Your very good at writing in your journal.

The Gage Cage said...

What experiences! I'm not sure I would have let Tyler live. I love to read your blog. Your entries always bring out an emotion for me! Today I started off with a good laugh. Thank you for sharing!=)

grandmapeg said...

I look forward to your daily entries just to see how amusing they will be. Today was definitely amusing!! I love these stories of your boys.

McKay said...

Tyler still does stuff like this. I thought he would have grown out of it but now that I'm living with him I see he hasn't.