Sunday, April 27, 2008

Half of our grandchildren

Today we had our semi-annual stake conference. That is where several wards meet together to hear messages from our leaders. We also have a semi- tradition (in that we don't do it every time) of meeting afterwards at our house for lunch with Brock and Logan and their families, which include little less than 1/2 of our grandchildren:

Thank you Brock for taking this picture. He does a much better job than I.

We had one foot injury that was cured by a brownie.

Cami loved watching the video all about herself. She even does the hand signs at the right time...copying herself in the video. Too cute.

We wish ALL our children and grandchildren could have been with us today but then we'd need a bigger house.


grandmapeg said...

Once again...very cute pictures! That is a handful of grandkids but think of the memories they will have of this tradition! Great job Grandma Honey!

t-dizzle said...

Looks like life is great back in C-town. Tell everyone I say hello. Sorry I didn't return your call today, but I will call you tomorrow when I get the chance. Karen is moving into a new apartment and is going to need tons of help, but I will make time to call you.

Jill said...

Must be you my dear son Tyler. Sign your name next time so I will know for sure. One never knows....
How's it going living with your brother? Now he can get to know Karen and you can get to know Rachel.