Monday, April 7, 2008

Den's sack lunch

Lunch is a part of life. Dennis loves sandwiches. I don't. I make his lunch according to a rotating schedule I have posted on the door of our fridge. Since I cook mostly vegetables, fish, chicken, whole grains, beans, and pasta....more of a Mediterranean style for our evening meal, I try to make sure Den gets the meats he loves for lunch. Here is what he likes between 2 slices of bread:

peppered turkey-lettuce
ham and soy cheese
roast beef-onion-lettuce
salmon salad
egg salad
chicken salad

And these 5 for the weekends or when he comes home for lunch as they are rather unpackable:

Teriyaki chicken meatball
fried egg and bacon
chicken patty on the grill-lettuce-red onion
grilled salmon-avacado-red onion

This is our favorite bread and I use these condiments:

He always likes an apple, sliced and dipped in lemon juice:

He loves chips but is trying to give them up for these instead:

He's a fun guy because he is so appreciative....always.

Oh, and I try to remember to put this note on the inside of our front door before he leaves for work:


logan heasley said...

You are such a great wife. I know that he appreciates you making his lunch and all of the other wonderful things you do for him. I am enjoying reading your blogs.

Jill said...

Thank you Amy! Thank you for reading this. At least I know someone is. You are a great wife, too. I am so thankful Logan has you.

grandmapeg said...

All of the sandwiches sound great! But where are the Sun Chips that you got me started on? Don't you eat those anymore? Anyway, I'm sure Dennis appreciates the great food!

Jill said...

I still like the Sun Chips, but Dennis doesn't. He was into Lays which are loaded with fat and salt. The Popped Chips are quite good so he doesn't mind those. They are expensive but Trader Joes have some that are much cheaper...not as good, but good enough. :)