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The solution could be worse than the problem...

A speaker at church last Sunday mentioned how here in California, ever since January 2018, when we had to start bringing our own bags to the grocery store, shop lifting has sky rocketed. 

People bring their own bags, back packs, whatever, making it SO easy slip stuff in there.

The speaker made the point that the solution is turning out to be  worse than the problem. 

He compared this to raising children. Sometimes our solution is to make life so easy for them that they grow up not knowing how to handle adversity. They end of having more problems in the long run, more pain and heart ache. 

So he gave these tips:

This generation is use to instant results. Teach them delayed gratification.
Teach that it's hard to wait and be patient for good things to come.
* If we make their lives too cushy now, later when life doesn't go well, they won't know how to cope and think they have failed. 
Losing proceeds winning.
Praise efforts, not just results
"Prepare the kid for the road, not the road for the kid." 
Our lives are filled with adversity. Resilience comes through patience.
"Smooth seas does not make skillful Sailors."
Teach with an eye of faith to our Savior Jesus Christ.
LOVE them as Heavenly Father loves us.

Well what do ya know...tonight I was at church sitting in the hallway waiting for someone. I looked down at the chair next to me and saw this (probably left from Sunday, 2 days ago)...

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