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A special blessing this week

While we were happily eating our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday...

...I read McKay's post on Instagram to everyone, as he had written about a very unforgettable blessing this past week. 

Since not everyone gets Instagram, or looks at it, I wanted to also include McKay's post here.

"autism_understanding  After a difficult weekend with
Grant, Sunday night concluded with one of the sweetest 
experiences I have had with him in a long time.

As I was putting him to bed we watched one of the 
Book of Mormon videos on YouTube and then I asked
him if he wanted to say a prayer. He began his prayer
with the same few lines he has said since he was 2
years old.

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for Elsa, thank you
for Mommy, thank you for Grant."  (I don't know why 
he says thank you for Elsa. He doesn't even like 
Frozen. It's just a routine thing.) 

I then interrupted him with a prompt to try and derail
him from his routine prayer with the words, "Please

Grant then continued my sentence slowly and 
deliberately and said the following, " to 
remember potty. Please help me to be kind. Please
help my medicine. Please help me to learn to spell. In
the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

If you know Grant then all of these words and
complete sentences should come as a huge surprise.
They were unscripted. These were his thoughts and 
were not part of any rehearsed routine. He wasn't
parroting or saying what I wanted him to say. It was
one of those rare moments of clarity for him. All I 
could do was hug him tightly and tell him how proud I
was of him."


Anonymous said...


Lynn said...

Such a beautiful blessing on Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

So Sweet!!

Anonymous said...

A true miracle!!


grandmapeg said...

This is so touching on many levels!

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