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It's a done deal...onward and upward.

The week before escrow closed on Amy and Logan's house, 
I wandered around to look over the empty rooms.

I could only do this a few minutes. I don't like goodbyes. 
Even to houses. 

Just before we left...
Amy calls out to me, "Look we're taking the desk out!" 

She knew this was the same desk my boys did their homework on.
And they used it for their boys too.

I didn't even ask if it's going to their new house 
or in a give away pile.

But this room.....

Amy said she told the new owners they will have to paint 
over the twins' room because she couldn't do it.

Then I went home and looked up an old video that I made in this 
room....just before they were born.....over 10 years ago!


Anonymous said...

Your video is priceless! I laughed; I cried. LOVED all the excitement and the descriptions; the questions and answers. They were definitely prepared with the nursery.
I sure hope they took the desk with them. A nice heirloom to keep passing through the generations. pjc

Karen Mortensen said...

I hope they keep the desk. Where are they moving to?

Anonymous said...

I hope they are moving into my ward!

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