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People doing good in the world

One day last week Den and I went to The Habit for dinner. 

He ordered....uh, I don't know what he ordered.
But I got the southwest chicken salad which I pretty much love.

(If you order this salad there don't expect it to look like mine. 
I brought some of those toppings from home.) 

But that's not what this post is about.

I noticed 3 people of various ages, 
sitting in the booth near us.

They were all wearing yellow shirts that read across the front, 
"Good News Club."

And they smiled alot.

So I walked over and said, 
"You all look like you must be doing good things in the world." 

They explained they are volunteers that teach about the Bible as an 
after school program in an elementary school. And that this 
program has been around since 1937.

I was thinking this and then I said, 
"Really? I didn't know that was legal."

They assured me they have to get written permission from the 
parents before the kids can join the club. Then one of them said, 
"Many children don't go to church anymore. 
And many don't even know who Jesus Christ is."

I said I was in awe by them and I applaud their efforts. 
I told them, "Can you imagine children who don't know about 
baby Jesus born in a stable? That is just so sad to me. I am so 
happy you are teaching them."

They all nodded with the sweetest smiles on their faces.  

I believe people doing good, any and all good, 
have the light of Christ with them. 

Tonight as Den and I watched this new 17 minute video about Christ's birth, 
I thought of those "Good News Club" people.
I wish I had their email address so I could send this video to them. 
They would love it.

My favorite part is the very end.   

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Richard said...

Don’t tell added a layer of oatmeal underneath, right?

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