Saturday, May 20, 2017

Violet and the tooth fairy

When you're 6 years old and you lose your very first tooth it's a 
pretty big deal, right? 

Violet felt the need to write about it...even though she is still in 
kindergarten and only knows how to spell phonetically. 

She loves her tooth fairy story so much 
she brought it to Grandma Honey's house. 

After her sister went to bed, 
she read it to Grandma Honey. 

Good thing I had her to interpret.

I think the first page was actually written by the tooth fairy...

Then Violet begins reading what she wrote... 
"Everybody waits for the tooth fairy."
(Love all those little beds lined up waiting!)

Violet continues...
"The tooth fairy has come."

Then Violet tells me: "This is my favorite part, Grandma Honey."

"I love the tooth fairy."

But the very last page is Grandma Honey's favorite.

Violet reads, "De en"

After the story, Violet lays out her treasures 
and put them by the front door.
(an eraser shaped like a cell phone,  a plastic red frog in a cup, a flower bud from the back yard, and her story)

She didn't want to risk having her parents forget these things
when they carry her out sleeping, later on in the night. 

Especially she did not want to lose her tooth fairy story.

De en.


Scrapally said...

Love it! She is to darling for words!

Karen Mortensen said...

So cute.

grandmapeg said...

She is so cute!