Friday, May 26, 2017

I'm finding more wonders

I see wonders everyday if I just pay attention.

Here are a few of my latest.....

1. After all these years I finally learned a way to keep bananas 
from going too ripe too soon. Tape over the ends. It seems to keep 
them at the perfect stage for eating for about 2-3 days longer. 

2. I came upon one of my Mom's passport picture recently. I don't 
ever remember her expression quite like that. I guess she just saved 
it for her passport photos. And isn't her hair so cute? I miss her!

 3. McKenna and McKay and all of her family rented a huge house 
in Maine where all 37 of them are staying this week. Also, her 
parents rented out that entire bowling alley for a few hours. 

My people are the ones in RED. 

4. Chandler has been on his mission 8 months in South Carolina, 
but they just got his plaque. He's doing so well! He ends every 
letter with "love one another."

5. Notice the saying on the wall of this little boys' bedroom.
(from a blog I follow)
(I read this blog so I know the little girl doesn't live there. 
Baby Harold is still too little to sit in that chair so I guess the visiting girl is instead.)

6. Last night after tucking the grand twins in to their beds, saying 
prayers with them, and putting on Mister Rogers, we said 
goodnight and left the room.

About an hour later I went to check on them and found them sound 
asleep like this.

So Grandpa untangled them and got them into separate beds.
But this morning when he went in to wake them up for school, 
they were back together again. 

7. This was on our Sunday program a while back, and I love it.
The man above, Gordon B Hinckley, is the grandfather of the mom who put that sign in her boy's room (see #5). And he is the great Grandpa to Theodore and Harold....the 2 little boys who occupy that room.


Karen Mortensen said...

Lots of great things in your post. Love them all.

Anonymous said...

The twins are just happier and more secure together.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about your observations.

Scrapally said...

I love reading all your wonders...they always make me smile and I learn things!

cristie said...

Thank you for sharing so well. xox