Tuesday, May 23, 2017

speaking Spanish at birth??

This picture has nothing to do with my little story below.
But I just like it.

Téa looking at our tiny bird's nest on Mother's Day with her Daddy.

Our 8 year old granddaughter Téa was talking to me 
about her new neighbors. 

She said they only speak Spanish, 
and she seemed disappointed about that. 

So thinking of my recent DNA test, I told her, 
"Well, I'm part Spanish."

Téa looked surprised, and then she asked me, 
"So did you need to learn our language?" 


Anonymous said...

A precious moment between father and daughter. I love the vibrant colors, too.

Scrapally said...

ha ha ha...Hola! Como Esta? Little Zander asks me that several times a day. I am so glad you learned English so we can talk! :)