Sunday, May 7, 2017

Jonas and Téa

So right after the twins' baptism yesterday,
and while a member of the Primary presidency gave a talk.....
She turned to the twins and asked, 

"Your parents love you so much. 
But there is someone who loves you 
even more than than they do, 
Do you know who that is?

Jonas answered, "My grandparents." 

Not the answer she was looking for, 
but it made Dennis and I pretty happy. 

Of course we couldn't love them more than their parents, 
but we are thankful they DO know we love them.

It was also a pretty sweet deal yesterday 
that I got to sit by all of my sisters.

It's been a fun ride with these two the past 8 years.


McKay said...

How sweet of Jonas! I love that! I wish we could have been there.

krheasley said...

Ha! What a great answer! I can't believe the twins are eight already. They have grown so much. Congratulations on getting baptized--wish we could have been there too!

Karen Mortensen said...

How sweet these two are. Can't believe they are 8 already.

grandmapeg said...

Hard to believe the twins are 8 already! Love the pictures and especially the one of you and your sisters!