Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I couldn't find this book I was looking for...
 so I texted my sister in law Wendy 
to ask if she possibly knew where it was.

She worked hard last time she was here. Not only did she spend 
days helping her elderly aunt pack up to move, 
but she convinced me there was something wrong 
with our dining room.....

She explained that when a room has no windows, it needs mirrors.
and the mirror we had up there got eaten up by all the wall space. 
And she did not like that reading lamp.

After a few trips to Lowes,
she directed Dennis on just where to hang the mirrors.

We're getting there.

Carly and Enoch stopped by one day to try it out. 

Nope, just kidding.
Brock took this picture at the Easter party. 

And I still will show that video, 
for those who have asked me about it. 

PS  I find it interesting that while there were at least 35 people at that party, including their 6 children,
they found a place to eat by all themselves! :) 

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Karen Mortensen said...

Your dinning room looks good. Wendy is awesome.