Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fun to hear my famous Dad mentioned at church today

Today at church a rather new member to our ward spoke on 
making the most of our short time on earth. It was a great talk 
with several good stories, but of course this one was my 

The speaker said he knew a man in the ward he grew up in 
named Richard Rozier who was a well known runner. He said how 
one day he was talking to my brother about a marathon he ran with 
our Dad. On that particular marathon, since my Dad was running 
with one of his sons, he was going a bit slower than his usual. 

About 17 miles into the race they were actually walking, and my 
Dad says to my brother, "Do you notice anything odd about the 
lady in front of us?"

My brother responded, "Like what Dad? I can see she has a 
prosthetic leg? That she's probably about 50 lbs over weight? 
And that she's probably got 20 years on you?" 

And my Dad said, "Well I was hoping the odd thing you noticed 
is that she's ahead of us!" 

So they quit walking, and ran the rest of the 26.2 miles.

The speaker was making the point that we need to remain 
faithful and endure to the end, and not give up. My Dad is 
definitely an example of that to every one who knows him…then, 
and now.


Anonymous said...

What a great story to pass down the family tree!

Richard said...

Who gave that great talk? The story is close to the truth, that conversation he quoted was actually in the last mile..and we easily beat the over weight, one legged female marvel in front of us...not that it mattered. The 4 1/2 hours of effort had stripped away all pride and dad just wanted the lollygagger (me) to finish. To make a point, I used to tell people that the sheer joy of finishing that race exceeded even the births of our children in relative significance, however after offending the 5 key women in my life, I've adopted a more politically correct perspective of that particular accomplishment...!

grandmapeg said...

What a great story about your dad! It sure made me smile. I love hearing about your dad.

Karen Mortensen said...

Good story.

Susan Anderson said...


Great story! Sounds like a neat man, your dad.


Scrapally said...

That was great! How fun to hear it from the pulpit!

Ammy said...

I have to give the spiritual thought in ward council next sunday....may i use this???. I LOVE it! Especially since i have been thinking a lot about "enduring to the end".

Grandma Honey said...

Go for it Ammy! :)