Friday, August 1, 2014

Family Camp 2014

Thank you Amy, who sent me all these Family Camp pictures!  

I'm going to begin with my favorite one..
My Dad has been coming here for the past 53 years!
I was so happy he and Susan were able to make it for talent night.
I heard he got a standing ovation for singing his song:
"This is the family camp song. It's not very long. See ya."
Not much to it, but it's all his. 

I heard Susan told a joke.
And Carly was an amazing MC !
(I heard this about Carly from several Family Campers.)

Lots of kids and teenagers this year. 
I wonder if they have any idea the history in Family Camp.
And it appears that Hailey and Elora wore clothes this year.
Last year they may have even slept in their bathing suits.
I take that back, I guess Hailey still has her suit on.

Not sure what their skit was about 
but I heard Elora also sang a solo.
These girls won the award for most times going to the store: 12

Dave and my sister Robin with their daughter Ashley, and Sarah!
(I know Robin doesn't like to be on my blog but Amy said she said okay, and smiled. 
Thank you, Robin!)

I wish there were a picture of Rivka 
She got the award for the most injuries during the week: 43!
(Rivka's sister Calvary shown here, with Téa). 

This picture cracks me up. 
Looks like Miss Téa does not approve of what they are saying.

Chandler's the man!

This must be the teenage sewing circle. 
That's Kylie looking right at us.

Hanging out. Same place, same dirt, same rocks 
we use to hang out on many many moons ago. 
This is the place where time stands still.

Another one of my sisters: Peggy! 
She is about to become a grandmother for the 7th time…
any day now.

There's my sister Heidi sitting by Susan, behind all the girls. 
No wonder I couldn't find her anywhere last week!
(I'm still trying to find you Heidi. Call me if you see this.)

Phones don't work up there, 
so I can't figure out what cousins Macie and Kate are looking at.

Not Amy's daughter, but up there it's all for one and one for all.

This group, since they are 12 and over 
got to stay up every night till midnight... 

...because they had important things to do.

Kylie has her new pump now, so no shots at every meal. 
Must be wonderful!

I see they still have the volley ball net up all these years later.

The twins think Family Camp is THE BEST week 
of the entire year. SO do most people who go.
Amazingly so.

They've been coming, like many Family Campers, 
since they were babies!

So once again another Family Camp week came and went.
And once again, I reported it without even going up there.


Richard said...

Fantastic report. I almost wish I had gone...

Anonymous said...

I sooo look forward to your Family Camp Week journal. Love all the photos of the families and wonderfully, fun events. Glad your father could attend and very cute camp song. It's great to see your beautiful sisters. Isn't Robin the one who would mail The Rozier Times to me? I still have some older issues and enjoy re-reading and then comparing the pictures of then to now. Hello to Heidi and Peggy as well. Jill, I just wish you could attend camp again. Thank you for sharing your excellent family gathering.

pjc in MI

Anonymous said...

So fun to vicariously share your family's camp experience! I remember when the twins were too young to go, so you kept them with you while the rest of the their family went. Now they are full Family Camp participants! So great! Is there always about the same number of people each year? How big was is when you were a youngster?

Grandma Honey said...

Good memory Darlene! I did keep Téa with me the years she was 1 and 2, I think it was. It's not the best place for 1 year olds especially. I think I was 6 or 7 the first year I went. They can only house so many people, so yes, it's around the same number each year since they have the same exact tents and cabins they had back when I use to go. ….but some years it's more toddlers...some years more teenagers like this year.

Pam…Yes, Robin is the one who would send you The Rozier Times! She always did a great job on that and my Mom would write it for years before she did.

Karen Mortensen said...

Thanks for all the pictures. This is a great tradition for your family.

krheasley said...

I love the Family Camp updates! It always looks so fun! And I love that even though the people are changing and growing, family camp never does.

Susan Anderson said...

This Family Camp thing is about as cool as it gets. I bet you miss being able to be there, but it seems like they keep you pretty well in the know...

That's what my kids do when they are hiking and camping, since I can't go along. It helps!