Sunday, August 3, 2014

A two in one adventure!

So here is another report of an adventure….this time Brock and 
Erin and girls, drove to Washington to share it with McKay and 
McKenna and their 2 children.

11 year old Elora wrote this all out herself. 
She writes just like she talks!

 Portland Trip 2014
Day 1: July 10th: We are packing up the final things for our trip, 
food, entertainment, and lastly the children. (the most precious 
cargo) We get on the road, planning to meet my Grandma and 
Grandpa (Lynn and Dale), to pick up Violet’s glasses. But, of 
course  it would not be a family trip without SOMETHING going 
wrong. As we pull up to our meeting place, I fly up straight into 
the air. A car has hit us in the bumper. Being in the back of the 
van, I get the hardest hit. (although it was super fun to fly) My 
mom starts muttering “no, no , no, no come on!” My dad goes out 
to see the damage. The bumper is peeling off. The lady was very 
sorry, and we traded information. Daddy sets out to get some duct 
tape, while mommy contacts my grandparents. The good news is 
nobody was hurt and with my dad duct taping the car everything 
was alright, and we could get back on the road." 

DAY 2: JULY 11TH: After a night in the hotel, we get back on the 
road for the last 4 hours. We are not super excited to get back in 
the dreaded car, but we do it anyway. After listening to Frozen 
music all day that day before we endure princess music yet once 
again. Listening to Violet sing “Let It Go” was so worth it. During 
this car ride my mommy teaches me a game. The license plate 
game. If you are in California you get to punch the person next to 
you if you see a out of state license. But if you are in Oregon you 
can punch on the California license. We played this for a while, 
when we are finally only 30 minutes away! We are so pumped to 
finally get there. But then all of the sudden we will get there in… 
40 minutes? Ugh.  Ok breathe. And let all the air out when you 
find you are in traffic. Next thing we know we are stuck in 2 
HOUR TRAFFIC! Great. We are all driving each other insane with 
driving tips from daddy to mommy, Music tips from Violet , 
crying from Cami, stuffing a pillow over my head, and Mommy 
trying to make it all better. Not helping. But finally, the heavens 
parted and the angles sang because we got there!!!

DAY3:JULY12th: We wake up and ready to go BERRY 
PICKING!!! We are all not only excite for us but for Cami! If you 
know Cami you know Cami LOVES berries. It’s probably her 
favorite thing ever. We get out super excited to pick out own 
blueberries ,strawberries, raspberries and peaches! First we do 
blueberries. I think the only person that was even close to having 
as much fun as Cami was Scarlett! Scarlett would take the berries 
we picked and shove them in her mouth one by one. It was then 
that Cami said heaven for the first time! Cami would not bother 
with the ones we picked, she would take them right off the bush! 
We ended up picking blueberries, red raspberries, golden 
raspberries(my favorite), peaches, and probably something else I 
cant remember. We get up to pay, when mommy asks me if I got 
bug bites. No.. nobody did. So we get up to pay and mommy is 
itching. The lady at the register says that mommy is allgeric to 
some of berry leaves. The golden ones. She says to get home and 
shower right away. One problem. We are 45 minutes away from 
Mckay and Mckenna’s. so we hop in the car and mommy is 
swelling. We get there and mommy is the first to take a shower. 
All of the sudden she is yelling for me to get some ice. Her eyes 
are swelling shut. In the end she was fine, and that night we played 

DAY 4: JULY13TH:Just church and fun with Scarlett, Grant and 
Mckay and Mckenna.

DAY5:JULY14: Trip to the Coast! We get in the car, (this time we 
steal Mckenna in the car and daddy goes with Mckay. We get to 
this very simple and awesome hotel! They give free cookies. I 
don’t think a hotel gets better than that. But. It. Did. They also 
give free taffy, free movies for rent, board games, and they 
HANDWRTITE a letter saying how much they apprectiate our 
stay. And if that is not awesome enough, there is a patio that is just 
outside the Oregon beach! Grant loves the beach more than 
anything, so that is the first thing we do. Violet wants to build an 
Ariel sand castle. Aunt Mckenna and I get to work. We even have 
a tow bridge, and a carriage for Ariel. Attetion to detail. The 
Ocean is freezing but that does not stop Grant, he body slams the 
water ready to take a swim.

DAY6:JULY15: Crabbing! The day we get to go crabbing! We 
grab the net and drive out to a bridge to do some amateur 
crabbing! The law in Oregon is that we cant bring home female 
crabs, and they have to be a certain size. We drop the net and bring 
it up 5 minutes later. A crab a crab!!!! We bring up and take some 
pictures only to realize it is too small. We don’t care. We drop it 
back and try again. We catch too small crabs for a while, when we 
finally catch the right crab! Yeah!!! We put it in the ice chest. 
Then daddy comes over and says that it is too small. We groan and 
throw it back. It is still partially frozen, so when we throw it back 
it does not thaw. It just floats like its drowning! Then, a pelican 
swoops down and tries to get the crab! No! Crabby!!!! Thankfully 
it was ok.  In the end we caught two crabs and Uncle Mckay and 
daddy loved it when we cooked it. ( we killed them in billing 
water, trust me it was better than the other way) 

DAY7:JULY16: Boys go on a camping trip, while everybody else 
stays home and has an awesome time. The only thing was , the 
boys took every single set of keys available. We had no way of 
using the car to go to the store! So what we ended up doing was 
putting everybody in a stroller and pushing them to the store. Up. 
A . hill. Awesome. 

DAY8:JULY17: Downtown Portland and relaxing and play the 
Wii U.

DAY9:JULY18: Kayaking day! Aunt Karen, Aunt Mckenna 
,mommy ,and I get to go kayaking! Aunt Mckenna and I were in a 
boat together, and Karen and mommy in another. I was steering 
the boat in the back and Mckenna was in the front setting the pace. 
True we bumped into many many things, but in the end we were 
the last ones to finish. But for a good reason. Toward the end there 
were waves which made it very hard to steer. If you have never 
Kayaked before I highly suggest it. It was an awesome experience 
and I would gladly do it again (hint hint).

DAY10:JULY19: Day at Uncle Tyler and Aunt Karen’s new 
house. Since Leo and Scarlett have such close birthdays, that we 
were not able to stay for, we decided to have an early birthday 
party. Scarlett turning one, and Leo…. I forgot. Anyway they have 
an awesome  backyard, with an awesome playground, and I got to 
meet Rich! Rich is very friendly and loves to play pirates. He did 
not know what pirates were until I told him apperantly. Oops. So 
anyway we played and ate blueberries played and ate blueberries, 
until finally our parents came home from ziplining. We had an 
awesome backyard barbque, and played volleyball with a Justice 
Leaguge ball of Rich’s.

DAY11:JULY20: Church again! Celebrating Pioneer day in 
Oregon. Best place to be to do that!

THE LAST DAY: The last day was by far the saddest. We had to 
pack up and leave! We did not want to AT ALL! Mckay and 
Mckenna were so so nice to us for letting us crash. We had so 
much fun on our adventure, and so thankful to Great Grandpa 
Rozier and Susan for giving us the money to do this!

Thanks for enduring my 1,453 word adventure! I have a Family 
Camp review as well coming soon! Thanks, and sorry for all the 
misspelled words!


Scrapally said...

That was darling! she's a great little reporter!

Karen Mortensen said...

Sounds like so much fun. Great reporting Elora.

Rebecca said...

Oh my! I loved reading this. I just felt like I was there for the whole thing. I like that kids tell things how they really are...the good and the bad and I think that is good because they we all know that OUR family vacations are "normal"!

Anonymous said...

Excellent vacation review! Good job, Elora!

krheasley said...

LOVE it! And I am so impressed with Elora's writing ability! She writes better than many of the college students whose essays I edited.

I wish we could have seen more of the family--but we're grateful for the time we did get with them!

McKenna Heasley said...

We had the best time! I am still so sad that it's over. And I love Elora's summary! She is pretty amazing!

Susan Anderson said...

What a great journal. You know I am one of Elora's biggest fans.

She rocks.