Thursday, August 21, 2014

Would anyone know the answer to this question?

Nearly 3 years ago I put a video on my blog that McKenna and McKay filmed in Portland.
It showed baby Grant getting his casts changed on his tiny little club feet.
I thought it might help others out there in the world going through similar things with their baby's feet.

Well apparently it has, but I'm not sure how so many people are finding it.
It has about 500 views a day for the past several weeks. 38,682 views as I write this.

So this is my question….does anyone know a way to find out where the viewings are
coming from on a YouTube video? I'm thinking this video may be on
an orthopedic website of some kind? I'm just curious.

On another note, the McKs along with almost THREE year old Grant and ONE year old Scarlett will
be here in 2 days! This will be the first time in nearly THREE YEARS that they have come home to
Clovis! In fact, look how little Grant was last time they were here.

I also don't know why one video after another plays after the one above.
Must be something new with Youtube and I'm not sure I like it.


Anonymous said...

Can you believe it? I forgot that Grant had club feet at birth! Wow! I guess his feet and legs are perfect now?
Also, McKay has a really nice voice! Maybe from singing along with a certain "musical family" when he was young? Ha! I can't wait to hear about Grandma Honey's adventures with her kids and grandkids over the next few weeks! Have fun!

McKenna Heasley said...

I love that video of McKay singing. I almost forgot what a beautiful baby Grant was! I had no idea the casting video was being watched so much. I would be interested to know where it's posted also!

McKenna Heasley said...

Also, we cannot wait to get there!!! We have been counting down the days!!!

Tyler Heasley said...

It's Tyler. He watches it at least 500 times a day. He just misses baby Grant so much.


Grandma Honey said...

Karen…I nearly choked on my water reading your comment! :))) Don't know why this strikes me so funny but it does.

Susan Anderson said...

I'm glad the video is helping so many people. I think it happens more often than we know. I told you both Ryan and Karin had the same problem, though Karin only had it on one foot.