Sunday, August 24, 2014

And to think I was worried about their beds!

We were SO excited yesterday to get picture updates as McKay and McKenna 
and Grant and Scarlett flew from Portland to here! 

I was worried about their sleeping arrangements because….
I know this wasn't the best set up for a married couple, and I felt sort of bad about it, 
but our guest room has 2 twins in it now, since most of our visitors these days are cousins…..

 Apparently it was no problem, because…..
 Last night while McKay and McKenna were out having a midnight swim, 
I peeked into their room to make sure they had all they needed for the night and this is what I saw:

But even in spite of them pushing those beds together, 
the next morning they said they both slept in the same twin bed. They like each other. 

And we are LOVING having them here. 

That's it for now.


Richard said...

You can put the dresser back between the beds for us...we like each other too, but to a point.

Karen Mortensen said...

How wonderful. Have a great visit.

Susan Anderson said...

What fun. They are a darling family!


krheasley said...

We miss them! I already have a new dinner I want to try out with them. And I keep going to text McKenna to set up a game night, only to remember that they aren't back in town yet!

(But we are excited for you guys! And we can't wait for our turn to spend some time out there with you all!)