Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who Rusty really is

 In case you missed, in yesterday's comments,
our granddaughter Kylie's explanation of who Rusty is and what happened to him,
read below:
(Mystery solved, well, sort of)

"Rusty is a cat of Karen's (Amy's mom) mother, Wanda, who past away in 2006. Amy inherited the cat, Rusty. He just went missing one month ago. He was injured, but we don't know how, the night before he went missing. He is presumed dead. We all are saddened. He was a wonderful cat. The following poem will describe him:

Oh Rusty..
We miss you so.
Where you are..
We don't know.
Maybe you wandered,
But not too far
Because you were injured
Or struck by a car.
We still don't really know
But sleep now Rusty and have a good rest
We all love you
And wish you the best.

(written by Karen Woolley and the Heasley Family)"


Karen Mortensen said...

Glad that is cleared up. Poor Rusty.

Ry said...

Sounds like Rusty lived hard and fast and with real zest for life. Hats off to you Rusty.

Tyler Heasley said...

This makes me wonder if that eBay toy is ever going to show up. It's been in the mail for more than 10 years. Should be any day now.

Grandma Honey said...

hey that was not an ebay toy tyler....that was before ebay was ever born
sorry no caps today

Susan Rozier said...

Mystery solved. So cute how the twins talked about it. Touches on the truth. Love the poem. Dad and Susan

Sue said...

Aw. Cute poem.

Rusty is well-remembered.