Friday, April 6, 2012

The weekend reuniting of Hailey and Elora

Chickie brought Hailey from her new home in Mill Valley.
And when Hailey comes, Elora moves in.

And no, Dennis did not sleep through dinner, but he did make the lasagna.
(We got the recipe from Amy....delicious!...go here and check it out.)
And I made the asparagus from here.

The creativity starts flowing...
They began writing a book together, a joint effort.
Hailey saying, "Can you make the B a little smaller?"

After they wrote the book (speed writers, I tell ya), 
the girls then acted it out in a play for us.

Complete with wardrobe changes. Lots of them.

Didn't take long at all for the room to look like this.
I have to kick a pathway to walk across the room.
Reminds me of when my sons were all living at home. I love it!

Banana Shakes before bed.

Or so I thought.
Why did I think they were asleep?
All snuggled up in bed and writing their 2nd novel!

Wendy (AKA Chickie) was saying tonight that at 8 and 9 years old,
these girls are close to the age of texting, emailing, and calling between visits.
This is exactly what Hailey's Mom would want for them.


Karen Mortensen said...

This post makes me happy. I am so glad these girls are friends.

Anonymous said...

Those girls are growing up very close. How wonderful for them!

Sue said...

They are such a cute pair!


Susan Rozier said...

Love the picture story of their time together! Both girls are priceless!

Also appreciated the recipes. I was going to ask for them! But now they're printed from your blog--thanks!

These pictures bring BIG SMILES from Great Grandpa! Thanks for sharing AND thanks for a delicious dinner! Love, Dad and Susan